Friday, September 16, 2016

Redbird Vintage Box: New Look & Fabulous Changes

"Fashion changes, but style endures" -Coco Chanel


Hi.  Life has been busy, right?  Funny how you can feel like you have no time to spare but at the same time feel like you're getting absolutely nothing done.


Is it irony?  I don't know, school was so long ago, I can't remember the definitions of anything.



That's right.  There have been changes.  People who I love tell me I can be long winded and should consider just using bullet points to let you all know what the changes are.  Because I love them, I'll trust them and just use the bullet points.

  • Prices for the boxes have gone down. Juliette is $30, Marie is $60 & Lorene is $100.
  • Redbird Vintage Box is a legit subscription box now, which means that if you don't cancel your subscription (by the 15th of the month) you will be charged automatically.
  • We're hosting the site/box on Cratejoy, a site that caters to subscription boxes. So the ease of subscribing and canceling is...really simple.
  • Our shop is now an entirely different site,
  • You may still request items from our shop to be included in your box. Or you can be completely surprised.  Both choices are exciting.
  • Even if you took the style survey in the past, you will need to fill out a survey when you subscribe again. The survey will just pop right up when you chose which box you want to subscribe to and it's a simple 5 minute fill in that helps us choose items you're gonna LOVE.
  • We've gotten in some ridiculously amazing items in the past few weeks.  This isn't necessarily a change, just an exciting fact.
The whole Redbird Vintage Box site has gotten a total makeover, so be sure to go check it out and maybe give a few compliments.  

We do so love compliments.

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