Saturday, August 20, 2016

Redbird Vintage Box: Ready for any Event

What's new?

We've moved the shop (and my entire family) to Florida. We've been busy making changes, creating new contacts and are currently setting up a workspace that has just the right amount of whimsy combined with functionality. More pictures of that to come, but for now...

You can say it.  Aww.....

Puppy is also a new Florida addition.  He's extremely helpful when he isn't chewing up the side of wicker baskets or peeing on my new rug.  Training classes are in the future.  He's lucky he's got such a cute face.

We're changing up some things with Redbird and will be slowing rolling those changes out in the next month or so.  One of the major transitions is that we're going to be working with more formal/special event attire and accessories.  We have a ton of fun shopping and styling for all of life's events but have found that that the majority of our customers (especially the repeat ones) like to use our service to find one of a kind dresses & accessories for special events where the possibility of someone wearing the same thing as them is a concern.  You won't have to worry about twinning it with a random person if you're wearing a sleek 70's hostess dress, that's for sure. They'll be even more one on one communication--it will be a total personal shopping experience with all things vintage.  We'll still have "The Lorene" surprise box but they'll be some changes made to pricing and types/number of items included in it.

As we gear up to liquidate the majority of inventory that doesn't fit with our new brand we'll be running various sales and contests, so be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST if you aren't already.

In the meantime, here are some photos of a few of our favorite boxes (or styled outfits from the boxes) from the past few weeks!

* Jacket: Express * Shoes: Modcloth * Clutch: Michael Kors * Necklace: Redbird (available) * Dress: Redbird *
Putting together vintage mixed with modern outfits is one of the things I love doing best.  I've never been good at pulling off an entirely vintage look.

A dress for every occasion.

The top, clutch and scarf in this outfit has since sold but the ADORABLE high waisted red shorts and bangle set are still available!

All items from Redbird Vintage Box.

The top in this outfit is one of my favorite items received from Golden Tote.  I wear it with SO MANY things.  If you don't currently own a button up demin shirt, I highly recommend purchasing one. The pink lace dress and necklace are available from Redbird Vintage.

* Top: Golden Tote * Pink Lace Dress: Redbird Vintage Box * Necklace: Redbird Vintage Box *

The navy striped dress was once almost a maxi and the entire bottom was completely torn up. With some alterations, nips and tucks the dress became one of my favorites--an adorably nautical mini!  The dress has been sent out to a new owner but the brooch and necklace are still available via Redbird Vintage Box.

* Dress: Redbird Vintage Box * Cardigan: Express * Shoes: ModCloth * Clutch: DSW * Jewelry: Redbird Vintage Box *

I love a good A-line skirt--who doesn't?  This light minty green one was no exception.  It has since left the shop but we have a few more in various colors just waiting for their forever home.  The clutch is by Daisy Faye Designs, you can find her on Etsy and her stuff is ADORABLE!

* Top: Express * Necklace: Chloe & Isabel * Skirt: Redbird Vintage Box * Clutch: Daisy Faye Designs *

I'll leave you with a picture of a few dresses that are currently up for alterations.  These will be put into our shop next month after they've been tweaked/fixed and we've moved out some of the older stock. All are amazing evening/cocktail/special event type dresses that will soon become even more one of a kind after some restyling.  Stay tuned for the finished project :)

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