Saturday, January 30, 2016

Stitch Fix #7: Style, Grace & a Little Lace

I didn't write about my last Stitch Fix because I'm in the middle of a move (Goodbye, Texas!  Hello, Florida!) and I sent everything back due to style/fit issues.  I didn't contact customer service, just wrote in my notes that I was bummed about losing my $20 styling fee because the item I WOULD have kept came damaged (the seam was mis-sewn).  Just a day later I got an email from customer service letting me know that they didn't have that same top in my size to replace the damaged one, but that they would credit me my $20 fee.  I like to read comments on Stitch Fix Instagram posts and people seem to always be saying they got bad customer service--I've had 3 issues since I started Stitch Fix and every single time they have been so on top of everything and I've left super happy. know.  Just sayin'.

My stylist, Hayley, worked extra hard on my Fix this time.  She emailed to let me know that my Fix would be a few days later than the expected day because she was working on getting me a few specific items.  This wasn't a big deal at all, except for the fact that I was leaving on a 6 am flight back to Texas the next day to finish up things with the move and if the Stitch Fix items didn't work out I was going to have a hard time returning them in the allocated time frame.  I contacted customer service about the potential issue and they wrote back that they would extend my return date by a week.


Turns out, I didn't need the extension.  I do believe that I have my first 5/5 Fix.

The Goods

I switched up my style profile this time around--I checked that I loved all styles, wanted to try every style and to just surprise me.  Hayley did her research, though.  In her note she mentioned my blog and how she read that I liked black tops with a unique twist.

Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse 

I love this blouse.  The material is a poly-rayon mix that is heavier and the lace detail is fantastic.  It zips up the back, has a great neckline and is easily dressed up or down.  My normal medium seemed to run a little big, but I like my tops to be a little longer/looser.  If you like your tops to be more form fitting I would recommend sizing down.  


This top was a definite keeper for me.  To be perfectly honest, most of my wearable, every day  wardrobe consist of black tops and jeans so I'm always up for adding new ones in.  I styled it with skinny jeans from Express, black pointy toe stilettos, a ring (available to be requested in a styled box from Redbird Vintage) and a bangle set available to purchase from Redbird Vintage Box.

Ring and bangle set from Redbird Vintage Box.

Alysha Dress
Skies are Blue

Hayley said that she tried to focus on a boho/vintage vibe for my Fix, and this dress for sure encompasses that.  I love it. 

 The crochet top is a great detail, it's long enough to be classy but still short enough that the shift style isn't frumpy.  Love the color, length, cut, fit...everything.  A definite keeper.


I styled the dress with some gold & tan wedges from Nine West, a bangle set from Redbird Vintage Box (we're obviously obsessed with bangles right now) and a Mala necklace that was made by Shinseina Jewellery.  

The owner of Shinseina Jewellery, Lise, and I had several emails back and forth.  She personally hand makes all the necklaces for each individual and uses antique & reclaimed materials.  I had let her know that I was really stressed out about moving and feeling completely unconnected from my kids and friends because I had so much on my mind.  The beads in my necklace reflect my request for balance & patience.  I love it and wear it often. She is adorable, sweet and professional.  Contact her via her shop's  Facebook Page to purchase your own Mala.

Mala Necklace by Shinseina Jewellery.  Bangle set from Redbird Vintage Box.

Denise Bootcut Jean

I had peeked at my Fix and wasn't thrilled to see denim in there.  I've never had luck with Stitch Fix jeans.  My luck changed with these.

Work is done.  Movie time.

This is me after we took all the styled photos, ready to go to a movie.  Then I wore this exact outfit the next day when we left Texas to go to FL.  Then, the day after THAT I wore the jeans AGAIN (even though by this point they were getting kind of gross) with the Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse because I had brought the wrong suitcase into the hotel we were staying in and they were all I had.

New Orleans! Halfway spot in the moving road trip from TX to FL.

Guys.  I know that wearing the same pair of jeans for 3 days straight is gross.  I totally realize that.  BUT...I just have to say that these jeans withstood the test of turning cruddy after a couple wears.  The material has a bit of stretch and even after wearing them to the movies on Tuesday, on a 3 hour/6 am flight Wednesday, on an 8 hour car ride Thursday and then on ANOTHER 8 hour car ride Friday THEY STILL LOOKED AMAZING!  I'm almost scared to wash them.  I'm obviously keeping them.  I do need to point out that Hayley mentioned that these were a long, and they fit me totally normal.  I'm 5'8 and typically wear a regular length for jeans that I plan to wear with sneakers/sandals and a long if I want to wear heels.   These hit me at the perfect length for flat shoes but would be way too short with heels, so I wouldn't necessarily consider them to be long.  They are, however, perfect for what I need.

Gellert Tunic
Market & Spruce

I always ask for tunics so I was happy to see this one in my Fix.  I have one extremely similar (and the exact same color) that I got from Golden Tote a few months ago so even though I really like it and love the style, it'll be up for sale or trade on the Stitch Fix boards.  The material is a little thicker so it isn't sheer and the I love the gold button details.

I accessorized with skinny jeans, black booties, a thin black belt with a gold buckle and a bangle set from Redbird Vintage Box.  Love this color and cut, just can't justify having TWO maroon tunics with gold accents.

Bangle set from Redbird Vintage Box

Lex Textured Knit Dress
Brixon Ivy

I'm not typically a fan of fit & flare dresses.  I've never quite gotten rid of my "mommy tummy" so I don't like anything that hugs too tight.  I do, however, LOVE the colors and pattern of this dress.  It is really comfortable and the pattern makes it really forgiving (or at least more forgiving than a normal fit & flare dress).

I accessorized with the same Nine West wedges, a thin gold belt, a large tan vintage clutch (similar HERE) and a gold tone locket (still available) from Redbird Vintage Box.

I'm a fan and I'm pretty sure it's a keeper.  This was my husband's favorite item from this Fix and I trust his opinion :)  It is for sure a fun dress and I love the vintage style pattern.

Gold tone vintage locket from Redbird Vintage Box.

I loved this Fix and will be requesting Hayley for all of my future Fixes.  She really took the time to get to know me and seemed to just get my style.  I've cleaned out, donated and sold so many things since we started the moving process and I feel like my closet was looking a little bare.  This fix definitely helped bulk it up a bit more.

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Let me know what some of your favorite items are in the comments, I'm always looking for things to request!

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  1. I shared your review on Stitch Fix Reviews today

  2. I love what you got... I actually pinned that black lacy top to my fashion board and I hope it shows up in a future fix of mine! ;)

    1. I love that top! Sometimes I feel guilty having so many black tops (like I should branch out more) but they're so easy to wear! This one washes really well, too, I'm a fan. Hope you get it :)

  3. Hi! I am a huge fan of Stitch Fix. You mentioned a trading board, is this something I could be on? Sometimes I buy the whole box because of the 25% off. Love the clothes they sent! :)

    1. Yes! Look up "Stitch Fix Buy/Sell/Trade" on Facebook and it should be the 1st group that pops up. Makes it easier to keep it all for the discount :)

  4. What a great fix!! I love the Jewelry too - off to check it out.....

    1. Thanks! It was my favorite Fix yet :) I'm obsessed with bangles with now, have gone a bit crazy with them!

  5. I'm in love with the Navy Dress. I pinned that baby to my board. =)

    1. My favorite item from the Fix! If you get it be careful washing it, I washed it in cold and hung it to dry and I still had to spend half an hour steaming it out to its original size :/