Sunday, January 31, 2016

Redbird Vintage Box: Getting Obsessive With Vintage Accessories & More Updates

Pictures from previous Golden Tote blog review, styled with vintage
accessories from Redbird Vintage Box to add some pop & pizazz

Sometimes I get disheartened when I see someone wearing the same thing as me.  This actually happens pretty often because two of my favorite places to shop are Express and Target, and I usually get pretty basic, universally liked things there.

Enter my vintage accessories. It is the way I get to add a little one-of-a-kind-ness to any ensemble I'm wearing.   Since starting the Redbird Vintage Box shop my personal collection has grown significantly (as it should have, makes it all money well invested) and the question/statement I hear the most is, "How do you mix the modern with the vintage? I don't want to wear all vintage, it'll look like I'm wearing a costume."  

I get that.  Karen (my sister and business partner) actually wears significantly more vintage clothing than I do (she lives in NYC and statement clothing is far more acceptable there...also, she's younger and thinner and has a weirdly small waist that fits into some of the more difficult fitting items we have).  My vintage evening dress collection is spot on, but other than the fancy night out ensembles,  I tend to stick to modern clothing and pair it with vintage accessories.

Dress from Moxie Style.  Clutch, bracelet, watch and necklace all from Redbird Vintage Box.

I started pairing the vintage with modern clothing from various subscription boxes for this blog a few months ago and have had a lot of fun with it.  Some of the clothing I get from the sub boxes can be way outside my comfort zone and if I wasn't actively trying to style it with the vintage items from our shop I probably wouldn't even bother to try it on.  So many times, because I'm FORCED to try something new, I end up loving it.

Crazy amounts of bangles we got in for Redbird Vintage Box.
Over the last month we've had a bunch of clients request bangles/bracelets in their boxes.  We didn't really carry bangles but since people were asking, we wanted to stock up a bit.  After putting together countless bangle sets from various lots we got in I can officially say that I'm on the bangle bandwagon.  I basically accessorized my last Stitch Fix reveal with only bangles.  I'm keeping 2 of the sets but the rest are up for grabs.  We're currently running a special that if you buy "The Marie" styled box you can add on a set of bangles for $15 (normally $25).

Latest Stitch Fix review photos.  Love those bangles.

I also love to rework the vintage clothing and make it a little more wearable for the times.  I started that years ago, when I first opened my Etsy shop (that is currently empty as we moved everything to Redbird Vintage Box) and it's a hobby that I continue to enjoy.  We've altered quite a few items for different customers who have loved an item they've seen in the shop, but it was too long/big/etc. for them.  Having the ability to make authentic vintage items even more one of a kind is one of my favorite things to do.
Jill modeling a reworked vintage wedding dress with modern accessories.
My friend Jill has done a lot of modeling for us.  She is really sweet, doesn't get angry when I get bossy (Stand THERE, not THERE!  Put your chin up.  No, down.  No, up.) and has lovely bone structure.  Above she is wearing a vintage wedding dress from the late 60's that was completely torn up at the bottom.  I hemmed it to a midi, fixed up a bunch of the beading up top and had the idea that it should really just be worn as a day dress.  Paired with a long sweater and some booties, it has a completely different look than the one intended, a look that would work great for a night out with friends or even to just run errands without the sweatpants stigma.

These are the dresses I'm currently working on:

Dresses currently being worked on for my own collection and Redbird Vintage Box.

Dresses currently being reworked for my own collection and Redbird Vintage Box.

These dresses all came to us either damaged or were just too "costume like" so they're being altered to fix the damage and make them more wearable.  Most will be added into the Redbird Vintage Box shop, although a few are making their way into my own collection.   I'll be posting after photos of everything in the next few weeks, so if you're interested in seeing the finished product be sure to subscribe (link is at the top right of the blog).

The shop is open, but since we're still in the process of moving to Florida we are taking on clients for "The Lorene" boxes on a case by case basis.  We're currently able to do "The Marie" accessory boxes easily and, of course, you can purchase individual items as well.  The shop will completely, 100% reopen on March 1st.  We've put in a TON of new items, so be sure to go check out Redbird Vintage Box and get yourself some one of a kind, authentic vintage accessories!

If you're interested in having us put together a styled clothing box for you just shoot an email to

Check out a few of our past boxes via our FACEBOOK PAGE and below!

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  1. During my absence writing last week, I forgot to note my latest fashion accessory: I am now the proud owner (well, renter actually) of a beautiful dress, shoes, hat.