Monday, November 2, 2015

Styled With Redbird Vintage Box

Karen and I have been wanting to take styled pictures of some of the clothing in our shop for a long time, but we've run into the pesky  problems of her being really far away and me hating to have my picture taken.  I enlisted the help of my friend, Jill, to model for me. She has the tiniest waist imaginable and really great bone structure.  We're also good enough friends that I knew if I got too bossy with her she would be understanding and still want to hang out with me.

Vintage Off White Lace Wedding Dress & Veil, available by request,

We had so much fun. Karen will be posting more of the photos over the next few weeks via our social media outlets, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram.  All of the items we post are available in either the Redbird Vintage shop or you may request the items in one of our curated boxes, "The Lorene" or "The Marie".

The main thing I loved about doing this shoot with Jill was that, while she is crazy supportive of the business, vintage clothing & accessories really aren't her thing.  You wouldn't ever know it to see these photos of her, though.  So many of the outfits seemed to be made specifically for her.  To see someone who isn't used to wearing vintage items have so much appreciation for how gorgeous the clothing is was just...really fun.  I love introducing people to new things and I'm so grateful that Jill was willing to go outside of her fashion comfort zone to model everything for us.

Below are just a few of the photos we took.

70's Maroon Deep-V Mini-Dress, available @

70's Brown Leather Button Up Dress, available @

She was a patient, perfect model and I'll be using her (along with other unsuspecting friends) in future styled photos.  If you have any questions about purchasing the clothing or accessory items in the photos you can email us at

80's Jade Green Lace Party Dress, available @

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