Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Marvel Collector Corps October 2015 Unboxing & Review

There are very few things in this world that I find more adorable than my son's face when he sees a package in the mail that is obviously meant for him.  The excitement just oozes out of every inch in his tiny little body.  He was horrified to find out that he had to wait 3 WHOLE HOURS until his father got home from work to open their Marvel Collector Corps box.  Those 3 hours were spent sitting at the table with his huge eyes fixed on the box, asking every 10 minutes if it was "almost time".

This box was actually a gift for my husband, but Harrison loves the unboxing stuff so much that Ryan just sits to the side and lets him do it all himself.  I initially chose it because every box is 100% exclusive, you can't get these items anywhere else.  We're huge fans of exclusivity over here, mainly because none of us REALLY mind going out to shop so if we're going to order something in, it's nice that we can't get it anywhere else.

The boxes cost $25 a month + fees, and after the shipping/taxes are added on it works out to a little over $200 for a year's subscription (6 boxes) and around $35 for a one time box.

If you're super into comics/vinyl figures/this particular box, you can watch Harrison & Ryan's unboxing video below.  If you just love a comic/vinyl figure/Marvel fan and are thinking about purchasing this box for them, read the review.  It's written from the perspective of a mother/wife who dearly loves her boys and is happy when they're happy.

Harrison & Ryan's MARVEL Collector Corps October 2015 Unboxing Video

So lets start with the packaging.  It is crazily amazing.  I'm not sure there is another box out there that has the kind of detailed packaging this Collector Corps has.  I've mentioned before that I'm really into presentation.  I want my subscription boxes to look special and like a present.  This box delivers on presentation.  Both boys get super excited when they see it.  How can you NOT?

You flip open the lid and see the first 2 items.  You always get a pin and a patch (at least that is what it was last month, too) and while my guys don't typically care about pins or patches, they were both excited about the characters.  Harrison hasn't seen Avenger's yet so he didn't know who The Red Skull was like my husband, but he is a big Spiderman fan and was excited to see The Green Goblin.  Both items are really detailed and well made, great for any collector and if we weren't scared that Harrison would leave the pin laying around the house for his baby sister to choke on, we would have gladly given it to him.  Maybe we can just save all the pins and patches for the next 6 months and give them all to him for his 5th birthday. 

Be sure to notice all the printing on the inside of the box because it's really detailed and fun.  

When you pull the tab open you see all the other items.  A "Villains" t-shirt that Harrison was bummed about since it was his Dad's size and not his.  The smallest size they offer is an XS and this is probably because this isn't REALLY a box for a toddler.  It's a box for an actual collector, someone who ISN'T going to try to use the box it came in as a robot helmet.

An Iron Man comic, first issue and exclusive to the box.  The comics are one of my favorite things because they're something that Ryan and Harrison can do together.  It's really cute to see Ryan reading comic books to Harrison and having to say all the, "POW! BAM! WHAM!" crud that is written in there.  Harrison sits riveted for 20 minutes and I get to troll Instagram in peace.  Thanks, Ironman!

The next 3 items were a Venom keychain (Harrison immediately claimed this as his own since he is weirdly obsessed with key chains), a Loki Dorbz (which, I learned from my super smart husband, is called a "Dorbz" because it is small and adorable...so it is a-dorbz...able...) and lastly a Morbius Funko Pop.  I have no clue what movie/comic Morbius is from and he looks crazy scary so I'm not really interested in finding out.  

I've gotten the boys a few different comic/Funko pop type boxes and this one really blows the rest away.  The products and exclusivity of everything are obviously the main reason why I love it, but I have to bring up the packing again.  I would guess that a large number of people who order this box are collectors and collectors are typically a pretty OCD bunch.  Their vinyl figures are stored in the boxes, their comics stay in the plastic and this box seems to recognize that.  When you open it everything has it's own compartment, everything looks clean and well organized as opposed to some boxes that really are more of a grab bag/throw it in and hope it doesn't dent type presentation.

We got the yearly subscription to this box--you get a special mystery item on your one year subscription anniversary.   No regrets, the monetary value is obviously there and the joy on both my son and husband's faces when they see the box in the mail is just an adorable added bonus.

You can order the December box (Guardians of the Galaxy themed) until December 4th.

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