Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mox•ie Style Charity Auction Mystery Box Review: Giving Back Gets You Great Things

I've been trying really hard to not buy too many clothes, but when Moxie Style announced they would be holding an online auction via their Facebook page I knew I had to participate.  Of course I love giving to charity, but I also love auctions, gambling & winning.  And I WON!  After pretty much begging the girl I was bidding against to give it up and let me have it (I think the words, "JUST LET ME WIN" were typed out at one point) I won a 4 item Moxie Mystery Box.

For anyone who doesn't yet know about Moxie Style, the best way to learn all about them is to read Andi's blog, Andi's Attic.  Andi is a longtime Moxie Style supporter and the go-to girl for questions about their newest promotions. Moxie Style is always doing something new and exciting.  Their Facebook page moves fast and Andi's blog is the best way to keep up to date on everything.  The short version is that they are an online clothing & accessories shop that has different variations of a "mystery" box (The Moxie Mystery Box) that they curate especially for each individual based on their style profile.  Visit their website and you can check out their current inventory there.

For anyone who has been reading my clothing review blogs lately, you know I've been styling everything with items from Redbird Vintage Box, the vintage clothing & accessories online boutique and styling service my little sister and I run.  Besides just wanting to shamelessly promote the business, I also love seeing how well the vintage pairs with the modern and giving people an idea of how they can incorporate vintage into their everyday look.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.  We're always posting new items on the different social media outlets and all items posted, as well as items in the shop (no matter what price the item is listed at), are available to be requested in either "The Lorene" or "The Marie", which are our two curated box options.  All vintage items that are styled with the Moxie clothing are available to be requested in one of the boxes.

Onto the review!  This is my second box from Moxie Style and while I really liked my first, I LOVED my second. They went all out and it was completely obvious that they really looked at my style profile and Pinterest to find the perfect items for me.  The item I won (by donation) was the 4 Item Mystery Box, but they threw in an extra item because...charity?  They just really like me?  I don't ask questions, I just accept the amazing clothing.  This box is normally $80 and typically has 4 items.

Item #1: Teal & Black Sleeveless Top by On Twelfth

I love these colors and the cut is so flattering.  The material is thin but not sheer and the black sides really give you a slimming look.  I love the back zipper detail--it takes a classic silhouette and gives it a modern twist, a little edge.  I had a pair of high waisted flared trousers that went perfectly with this top.  I threw on my some of my favorite jewelry from the Redbird Vintage inventory, a brushed silver 2  strand necklace & silver chain linked pearls.  Added a black 80's clutch and I was ready for a fancy dinner.  We just ordered in pizza because cooking is hard, but I was looking FABULOUS!

Item #2: Royal Blue Sleeveless Shift Dress by Marc New York

I almost cried with happiness when I pulled this out.  Something that I mention in the numerous style profiles I fill out is that I like LINED dresses and don't wear jersey/clingy material.  It never fails that companies send me clingy dresses and I always have to regift or return them.  This is the first dress I've gotten from a subscription/mystery box that was 100% totally perfect for me.  The cut, the color, the material--all perfect.  It's lined, has pockets and can easily be dressed up or down.  I first paired it with my sparkly gold heels (that I never get to wear anymore because they aren't conducive to running after tiny children), a gold 3 strand beaded necklace from Redbird Vintage and a dainty little satin & gold beaded clutch from the 40's.  I was ready for a date night!  

Only it wasn't date night.  It was 10 am and our sitter wasn't available at all this past weekend.  Grumbling, I traded in the heels for gold flats, put the clutch back, grabbed the vintage Coach cross body bag and threw on a white peacock tassel necklace (that has since been sold since these pictures were taken).  Just like that the dress went from "Date Night Vixen" to "Mom With Crying Children But She Still Looks Pulled Together HOW DOES SHE DO IT?!?"  I seriously couldn't be happier with this dress.  Perfection.

Item #3: Black Blazer by Fantastic Fawn

I asked for a black blazer in my Stitch Fix last month and they sent me a gray houndstooth one. It was cute, but I REALLY needed a black blazer.  Jackie Lisa (owner of Moxie Style) really came through on this one.  These Fantastic Fawn blazers are awesome.  It is a soft, thick material and perfect for Fall weather.  The sleeves are the perfect length for my ape arms and I love how classic the cut is.  I had specifically wanted a black blazer to go over the numerous Summer dresses that I want to transition to Fall.  I paired this blazer with an early 80's dress by from Redbird Vintage.  I love this dress, when it first came in the bottom was completely torn up and it had a big rip going up one of the long sleeves. After shortening both the sleeves and the length of the dress it is ready to wear.  I love how the blazer gives the dress a more casual, everyday look.

Item #4: Red Blazer by Fantastic Fawn

Knowing how thrilled I was with the first blazer you can only imagine my joy when I saw I was getting a RED ONE, TOO!  Most of my wardrobe (that I actually wear) is black/dark blue.  This blazer is the perfect "Punch Up the Outfit" piece.  I paired it with jeans, a black top, pearls and a vintage Juliana brooch from my own collection. I was ready for some Halloween costume shopping.  *Side note:  Those Spirit Halloween stores are in no way appropriate for a 2 year old.

Item #5: Royal Blue Light Cardigan by Nymphe

This royal blue color again.  It slays me.  I love it.  This open cardigan is a super thin (but not sheer) material and has a gorgeous drape to it.  I love it. It has a really ladylike, daily feel to it.  Perfect for the next few months when things aren't too cold here in Texas.  I paired it with a really fun 80's skirt and some gold 50's layering necklaces from Redbird Vintage.  If I ever go back to an office job I'm really confident that I would be the funnest dresser there.

I couldn't be any happier with my box.  The clothing and positive energy over at Moxie Style is absolutely fantastic and I know I'm going to be a longtime supporter.  Links to help you get started with them are below.

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