Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery: I May Never Leave the House Again!

Darling Juliette woke up at midnight last night to tell me that she had peed in her diaper.  She was able to immediately go back to sleep after informing me of this breaking news but I ended up staying awake until 1:30 am trolling Facebook.

I'm really susceptible to marketing both late at night and when I'm drunk.

So I saw this ad for SAME DAY Amazon Prime delivery while scrolling through my Facebook feed.  

It was 1 am, folks, and there was stuff I NEEDED!

They were offering $20 off of a $50 order, which is like...what?  40%?  Whatever, nobody can do math that late (early?).  I knew it was an amazing deal and I wasn't going to pass it up.  This wonderful opportunity meant I wouldn't have to go to Target the next day JUST to get olive oil, which seems to be the main ingredient in everything I cook.

I was able to download the app and sign up within 2 minutes.  This is the way to sell things, people.  Make it so simple that even in a 1 am sleepy haze someone can order $50 worth of whatever.

I only got essentials.  The olive oil, obviously, some bento box tupperware stuff because I think I want to start actually eating leftovers and at 1 am I felt like with new bento box tupperware I would be successful at that.  Chips.  3 bags of chips.  They deliver soup!  Added on 4 cans of soup.  Can't ever have too much soup.  Heyyyy...a coloring book!?!  For adults?  I for sure needed that.  Chicken nuggets (obviously) and BOOM!  I hit my mark at $50.63, got $20 off and felt a rush of joy with the knowledge that I wouldn't have to go to the grocery store EVER AGAIN.  

The service wasn't totally free. They ask how much you want to tip and suggest $5.  You can do more or less or nothing and you can change the tip you choose up to 48 hours after the delivery.  So if you have exceptional service or terrible service, you can adjust accordingly.

They weren't able to deliver at 2 am so I needed to pick a time the next day.  Earliest delivery started at 10 am but they said I needed to be home and at 10 am I would be out.  I chose the 4-6 pm time slot and went to sleep feeling productive.

When I woke up and really looked at what I ordered I felt kind of dumb, but I was still excited to see how the delivery went.  

At 4:00 pm on the DOT my doorbell rings and a lovely young woman had 3 bags of groceries for me.  I asked her if they were getting a lot of business with this new service.  She smiled cheerfully and said yes, quite a bit.  She thanked me graciously for trying Amazon's same day service and I went back inside to unload my late night binge buy.

This, my friends, is what I find essential at 1 am.

This new service may be the end of me.

Amazon Prime Same Day Service is only in select areas now.  16 metro areas, they say.  Although after checking my zip code their site says they don't deliver to me.  They obviously do, so they must be expanding faster than they're updating the website.  Or the person who is in charge of the website forgot to update it because they're too busy ordering soy milk, an Elvis onesie and lion costumes straight to their house.  The menagerie of items available for same day delivery is interesting. 

My first experience with this service was fantastic.  Soup and chips for dinner, some light coloring before night is set.  It was convenient, efficient and I LOVE that if I forget (or need) one or two items I no longer have to run out to get them.  Late night diaper runs are OVER for us!  It's's job now.

You can read more about it HERE and if you want to go ahead and sign up the code for getting $20 off a $50 order is GETITNOW.

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