Saturday, September 26, 2015

Naming Redbird Vintage Box: The Cardinal Who Made Me Question My Sanity

When Ryan and I first moved from Florida to Texas 5 years ago I was about 4 months pregnant with Harrison, our first and only son.  I wasn't working so my days were spent hanging out at home, watching reality TV shows on MTV (specifically My Super Sweet 16 because OH MY GOSH THOSE KIDS ARE CRAZY).  After one particularly rough day of horrible morning sickness and just feeling generally lonely, I went in the backyard with Alexander (my little Chihuahua mix dog), sat on the patio and just started quietly crying.  I felt lost.  I didn't have friends who lived nearby, I had no clue how I was going to take care of a baby, Pinterest was completely stressing me out with all of the amazing nursery photos and I missed my mom.

As I sat there silently crying a cardinal flew down and perched itself right next to me.

Just perched there.  Sat like it was a totally normal thing.

Alexander was on my other side and didn't seem to notice the bird.  It didn't look at me, just stared straight ahead as I stared at the left side of its tiny bird face.

I remembered my Father's stories about how when my grandmother died he started seeing cardinals everywhere.  He said that there were legends about how loved ones spirits were able to come back to earth in the form of a cardinal and that during very low times in his life after his mother had passed, he would see a cardinal.  I liked the stories but I really felt that it was more him missing his mother and not that she was really showing up to give him peace about things.  

As I sat there, looking in wonder at this fearless bird that obviously had no intention of going anywhere, my silent crying turned to loud sobs.

I cried thinking about my mother who was back in Florida, about how in limbo I felt about my life, about my fear of not being a good wife, mother or pet owner.  I cried thinking about how if my grandmother was still alive I would be hanging out at her house and she would be feeding me ham and making me a Big Red ice cream float.  I cried thinking about all the housework and laundry I didn't feel like doing but felt obligated to do because I wasn't working.

I must have cried for a good 10 minutes and this bird, this beautiful cardinal, just sat next to me stone faced.  When I got ahold of myself I squeaked out, "Ok, I'm fine now" and that cardinal finally turned, looked right at me and then promptly flew away.

And just like that I believed.  I believed that my dead grandmother had somehow morphed her spirit into the form of a cardinal so she could come on over and hang with me while I had a meltdown because nobody else was available.

Ever since then every single time I've had an exceptionally bad day a cardinal has shown up.  On a particularly stressful day while getting the business ready my mother called and asked if I had been outside that day.  I let her know that I was WAY too busy/stressed getting things together to go out and she let me know that 2 cardinals kept coming up to her window and she thought it was my grandmother telling her to tell me to quit stressing out and to take a break.

So I did.

I sat on the couch and finished an entire bag of cheddar cheese Sun Chips while watching Love It or List It on HGTV and gained back the 2 pounds I had lost. Thanks, Grandma.

Both of my grandmothers were lovely, classy women and I have nothing but fond memories of them both.  Since our love of vintage started in our Grandma Bray's home we wanted a name that would be connected to her memory.  So we chose Redbird Vintage...and added "Box" because that's what the
items will be shipped in. A bright red box. Unless you order a single item directly from the shop.  Those come in snazzy black & white bubble envelopes.  Either way, you'll be getting a classy looking package filled with classy clothing & accessories.

You can grab yourself a box at or you can purchase something directly from the shop.  We LOVE and ENCOURAGE shop requests when you purchase a box.  Even if we aren't able to honor the request it gives us a great idea of the kinds of items you love.

Email any questions to and be sure to Like and Follow our Facebook Page for information and contests!

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