Sunday, September 27, 2015

Golden Tote September 2015 Review: Styling the New With the Old

Last month I waited until the end of the month to order a Golden Tote and I LOVED everything I received.  I decided to do the same thing this month, hoping that I would have the same outcome.

It worked.

I was styled by DL and loved everything I got.  Almost everything.  There is a long gray cardigan that I just can't quite figure out how to style.  But I still like it.  I also had a referral credit AND a $10 gift code from GT so it was like I was only paying $22 per item, which is awesome.

For anyone who doesn't yet know about Golden Tote, you can read my first review HERE and learn in more detail how it works.  Basically, you fill out a style profile and then chose between 2 totes.  It is $49 for a tote with 2 items and you choose 1 from their boutique OR $149 for a tote with 6 items, with you choosing 2 items from their boutique.  You'll then get styled by one of their awesome stylists who'll try to send you clothing & accessories that they think you'll love.

I've styled the Golden Tote items with items from Redbird Vintage Box, which is the new vintage clothing & accessories subscription/mystery box my sister and I run. There is some shameless self promotion happening in the pictures below.

First up, my chosen items.

Embroidered Chambray Shirt

I've been wanting a light denim top for a while now and I love the detail on the back of this top.  It is super lightweight, a great length and really comfortable.  I paired it with a vintage deep purple midi skirt (POCKETS!) that is a "surprise" item from Redbird Vintage Box (the site has a boutique that you can request things from, but the majority of our inventory isn't listed) and my neutral heels from Coach that I'm always too scared to wear (dirt/gum/ many things to step in).  I love the top because it is super versatile.  I love the skirt because purple is my favorite color, it has pockets and is long enough that I won't flash the world while picking up my children.  I'm also wearing our purple iridescent czech beaded necklace that is currently in the boutique and available for purchase or to be requested in a box.

Pining for Plaid Shirt

For my second chosen item I got the Pining for Plaid Shirt.  This is actually the top that sold me on getting another tote this month, it looked so soft and perfect for Fall (my favorite season, bring on the FALL FASHION!).  It falls really nicely, also super lightweight and will be a great transition piece for the coming cooler months.  I paired it with my old jeans from Express (I've never been able to find jeans that fit me as well as Express, I've been shopping there since 11th grade) as well as a vintage 70's handbag & charm bracelet from the Redbird Vintage Box inventory.

Surprise Item #1: Leshop Zipper Blouse

When I first saw this top I was a little put off by the zipper.  Not a huge fan of my tops unzipping from the front.  I loved the color, though, and styled it with an old pair of purple (my favorite color) shorts by...Jennifer Lopez.  Why am I embarrassed about that?  She is fabulous and I love the shorts.  I also love the top and even though the two colors don't match at all I like the way this looks.  Throw in a clutch that matches the shorts with a brooch attached that matches the shirt and you've got an amazing little outfit.  I need to go scour eBay for a deep purple clutch.  I also added on a vintage gold tassel necklace that was my grandmother-in-law's.  It isn't for sale.  I'm keeping it forever.  But it was a great addition to the outfit because it kind of covered up the zipper.  We have quite a few vintage tassel necklaces in our inventory so if you're a fan of that style, be sure to request a tassel necklace in your Redbird Vintage Box :)

Surprise Item #2: Gilli Empire Waist Maxi

Right away I didn't want to like this dress.  Both times while I was pregnant these empire waist jersey maxi dresses were the only things I wore, so I tend to associate them with not being able to fit into anything else.  Also, I still have a bit of a tummy and the thin material clings in all the wrong places.  I broke out the Spanxs and tried it on, though, and...I actually really like it.  I love that it hides the top of my arms, which I'm a little self conscience about.  The color is gorgeous (deep purple) and I love a low neckline.  It was long enough that it still hit the floor if I paired it with flat sandals's a win for me.  I paired it with another vintage tassel necklace from my own collection and a 70's snakeskin clutch designed by Bags by Varon, who is my new vintage handbag designer obsession.  I hate snakes so knowing that I'm carrying around the skin of one makes me feel like they probably won't mess with me.  Or they'll see me carrying around a purse that was made out of their friend and they'll plot their revenge. Hm. Could definitely go either way.  This clutch and LOTS of others are available to be requested when you  order a Redbird Vintage Box.

Chosen Item #3: Naked Zebra Buttondown Tank with Shoulder Detail in Hunter Green

I love this top.  I love the color, the detail, everything.  When I first put it on I felt like it was just too small--it sat weird on my hips and I don't normally tuck things in.  I'm really into the tunic style top (hence my two chosen items).  I decided to pair it with some vintage culottes from our inventory and I LOVE the way it looks.  I'm loving culottes and palazzo pants rights now but I feel like all of the modern palazzo pants are made with crazy thin material, like you can see through them.  Maybe I just ordered a bad batch of them off Zulily.  Anyway, I love this top.  It buttons all the way down, has great detailing on the shoulders and while the material is thin and seems to wrinkle pretty easily, it isn't see through.  This is great for me because I hate wearing tanks under sheer tops.  The culottes and the vintage triple strand gold & pearl necklace that I accessorized with is an item that can be requested in a Redbird Vintage Box.

Surprise Item #4: Le Lis Long Sleeveless Cardigan

This is the one item that just didn't really work for me.  Right off the bat I had no clue how to style it. There is enough material and it's long enough to be a dress--I briefly wrapped it, belted it, threw on some heels and tried to make it work as a dress--it didn't look half bad--but knowing that it was a cardigan would make it impossible for me to actually go out in public wearing it as a dress.  Pairing it with a basic black top, skinny jeans (Express again) and black stilettos seemed to give me the height I needed to make it somewhat work.  I don't hate it, I just don't know if I would wear it out of the house.  It may just be an afternoon lounging cardigan, which is fine.  I paired it with a vintage butterfly cuff and black & pearl beaded flapper necklace, both of which are available to be requested in a Redbird Vintage Box :)

And that's my tote!  I was really happy with the whole process.  Shipping seems to go WAY faster when you order later in the month.  I want to say I only waited a week and a half before it got to me.  I'm anxious to start seeing reveals for October's Tote.  From what I've seen so far the new items are going to be awesome.  If you're on the fence about ordering from Golden Tote, I would highly recommend it.  

I also highly recommended ordering a Redbird Vintage Box and pairing your modern Golden Tote items with some one of a kind, authentic vintage beauties :) 


  1. Wow! Way to sell it. I love GT and I'm also very curious about your service. I haven't worn vintage since high school in the 80's and these pics are shwoing me how to style vintage in my modern 2015 looks. Thank you!

  2. <3 <3 <3 THOSE culottes!!!!

  3. Those culottes are my favorite! They're actually a large/xlarge. I have them pinned in the back. If nobody requests them anytime soon I may alter them to fit me, they're so adorable. :)

  4. I love this idea! Love Stitch Fix too.