Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Vintage Barbie Doesn't Want To Play Right Now

When my sisters and I were little we would spend hours playing with our Barbies.  Fashion shows! Dates with the NKOTB dolls! Girl fights! Hair cutting! Outfit change after outfit change!

MY doll ALWAYS won the Miss Barbie Pageant because I (obviously) always had the prettiest Barbie and was also the bossiest sister.

That still rings true today.  Once a control freak, always a control freak.  Some things just don't change.

When my Mother-in-Law texted and said she had a bunch of old Barbie stuff she wanted to send Juliette I wasn't immediately super excited.  Juliette is still in a Put-Everything-In-The-Entire-
World-In-My-Mouth-Even-If-It-Moves phase and the thought of tiny Barbie shoes laying around made me nervous.

I said sure, though, and she ended up sending not just the Barbie stuff but 3 HUGE crates of vintage items.

I can't even begin to describe all the heart pounding going on as I opened and sorted through those crates.  Dresses from the 50s, JEWELRY, handbags, hats, glassware, a story my husband wrote as a child called "The Last Ride" which is about a man named Christopher who was getting a divorce from his wife but Christopher didn't WANT a divorce and he was finally able to prove to his wife how great a husband and father he was to their daughter, Ami,
when he (being an "advanced mechanic") was able to save his daughter by dismantling a bomb that was placed on a roller coaster by the
Crazy Black Cat Man.

But this post is specifically about the Barbie things, because when I saw the Barbie Dream House from the 60's complete with furniture and the NUMEROUS vintage Barbie outfits my heart just MELTED!

I spent Juliette's entire 2 hour nap time organizing this Barbie Dream House.  I hung up tiny clothes on tiny hangers in the closet, put all the shoes in pairs, laid the outfits in order of the earliest fashion period and felt like a total crazy creeper weirdo the entire time.  I told myself I
was doing it for my daughter, and that when she woke up we would play.

Poor Juliette.  I have pictures of her "playing" with everything that I sent to her generous Nana but, truth be told, that poor little girl had to put up with me saying, "NO!  YOU CAN'T SIT ON
THAT, IT'S FOR BARBIE!" and "NO! THAT'S A COLLECTOR'S ITEM!" until she finally just rolled her eyes, snorted and went to eat dust balls in the corner.

"Juliette, Vintage Barbie doesn't want to play with you if you're going to eat her hair."

One day, J, you can play.  When you quit trying to eat non-food items and can understand that a tiny cardboard sofa
meant for a doll will break under your bottom.

With both of my kids pretty constantly whining for an iPad or a TV show, vintage toys are a breath of fresh air.  Both of them were totally into this house and the dolls.  It was fun seeing them run around with Barbie (under my watchful eye) and to hear Harrison come up with weird scenarios that involved Ken losing all of his clothing and accidentally hitting Barbie with records from his "Laser Record Shooter Arm".   I'm trying so hard to do less TV/iPad time and, guys, it is HARD!  I still get frustrated "playing" but Harrison and I are currently working on a movie for his Dad's birthday which is fun and also teaches both Harrison and I patience.

I know that while reading this post all you've been thinking about is what a mean mom I am for not letting Juliette play with the Barbies.  Well, I finally caved and let her take one of the dolls in the car with her when we went to pick Harrison up and you know what?  I was TOTALLY RIGHT about Juliette being too young for a Barbie.  Below is the result.  Mother knows best.

#motherknowsbest #decapitation #DONTTOUCHITSVINTAGE

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