Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saving the Old so It Can Be Worn by Someone New

I've been buying a lot of clothing and accessories lately.

My sister, Karen, and I have been working on a vintage clothing/accessories small business for about 6 months now and soon it'll be time to "unveil" it all to you.  Excited?  You should be, especially if you're a fan of 50s-70s fashion and have a soft spot for rhinestones.  I've gotten to do all the fun pre-shopping so we have a solid merchandise base before we start reaching out to people.  Karen is in charge of all the social networking/website hulabaloo.  Social networking makes me feel nervous and old so I'm grateful that she is able to handle all of that.

I'm in my own personal heaven being surrounded by all of these amazing items.  I almost feel guilty, like I'm getting to do all the fun stuff and Karen is stuck figuring out HTML code stuff.  BORING!

I've been fortunate to get a good deal on some items by buying in bulk.  After examining the items more closely, however, a lot of them have ended up needing work. This isn't a problem for me, though, since I love vintage clothing/accessories that needs a little TLC. Some things were as easy as a new button on a 60's romper or a stone replacement on an absolutely gorgeous Juliana necklace.  Other things were a little tougher.  For example:

I'm in love with this dress.  The 70's are my era.  Pretty much everything 70's except jumpsuits are on my "Buy Me This" wish list.  This dress fits me perfectly (which I KNOW doesn't matter since Karen says I'm not allowed to just keep all the good merchandise for myself). I love a low neckline and the color is to die for.  Unfortunately, it came with random holes all over the bottom half and stains/spots all over it.  Deep cleaning and a shorter hemline are in order for this to be worn in all of it's glory.  

Then there was THIS one:

I don't even understand what really happened here.  Did the lace shrink?  This dress is absolutely magnificent.  So delicate and in amazing condition structure wise but it has random stains all over it and an incredibly long...under dress?  Lining?  Whatever.  I can fix this.   Not that it MATTERS, but this one fits me perfectly, too.  I rarely find authentic vintage dresses like this in my size.  Usually they're a size 0.

As a lead in for the next dress, have you guys seen Funny Girl?  It is my all time favorite, and the go-to for shower singing songs.  This next dress made me want to be Fanny Brice again:

Am I crazy or is this just like a dress Barbara wore in the movie?  It is so cute.  I typically hate horizontal stripes but across the chest I can handle it.  This dress is so flattering, such a fun alternative to everyday work wear.  The holes are only on the bottom inch of this dress (how does something like that even HAPPEN?) and I'm an expert at getting rid of stains so I'm confident I can bring this adorableness back to life.  

I'm keeping this next one.  I'm going to FL in September and have been looking for "Hawaii Like" dresses to wear while we're at the beach (which will be 5 whole days YAY!) and when I saw this one I KNEW I had to have it.  Let the record show that I typically HATE HATE HATE fluorescents and pinks (I made the choice to have red hair, I have to adhere to the unspoken "no pink" rule) dress is SO CUTE and I can so see myself hanging out on the balcony, pina colada in hand (my parents are watching the children, of course, and they're playing dominos or reading a book that makes them smarter) and I'm looking super adorable in this dress.  Unfortunately, it's too long.

Imagine this dress as a mini.  Gold sandals, a long necklace, maybe a hat...I can't wait.  The alteration is in progress.  

I'll update with the "after" photos later this week.  Possibly early next week.  These are just 4 of the many dresses that I'm currently working on and sewing with kids around is hard.

As long as things keep steadily progressing, Karen and I will be letting everyone know exactly what our business is and what we have to offer in the next couple weeks.  We're finalizing all the tiny little details, making things iron clad.  We want to make sure that our future customers have the best experience possible.  

Exciting times ahead, folks...


  1. Can't wait to see the end results!

  2. So excited to find out about your business. Wishing you the best of luck!

  3. A vintage subscription!?!? GENIUS! You're gonna make a million bucks! :) Fabulous idea!