Saturday, August 8, 2015

For My College Girlfriends

"What is the Local Ranch?  Is it just ranch dressing made locally?  Because I want to eat that one if it is, I would love to support our local farmers."---Britney Morgan McCormick circa 2001

"'s low calorie.  Like, ranch dressing with...lower calories..."  ---Annoyed SouperSalad Employee circa 2 seconds later

Sometimes you meet people and something just clicks.  Every single friend I've made in my adult life I knew the moment we met that I wanted to be their friend and, usually, aggressively pursued the friendship.  I'm somewhat fearless about obtaining friendships because I have a knack for figuring out really fast if someone is amazing.  Quality, not quantity, has always been my friendship motto.

So it should come as no surprise that I've had the same 4 friends since college.  15 years of friendship with these girls who have supported me through breakups, makeups, new jobs, bad bangs, moves, marriage and children.  We're all in completely different places in our lives (except for Britney, we pretty much mirror each others lives at this point in time) but when we get's like we're right back in college.

For the first time in 7 years we were all able to coordinate our schedules and plan a Girl's Weekend in Fredericksburg, TX.  A much needed weekend away, and my first one away from my sweet little family.

Melanie and I drove together.  I learned that she has started a charity for kids with disabilities (quit being so SWEET AND GOOD AT EVERYTHING) and has been dating a guy for 5 months.  We talked about my blog and a business my sister and I are starting up.  I complained about how I hate social networking, the whole # phenomenon, how Twitter couldn't be more confusing and that I was just feeling so OLD because I saw a girl's Tumblr and was all "She looks cool, I'm gonna follow her" and then I found out she was 15!  15 years old!!!!?!??!  How is this girl even ALLOWED to have a social media site of her own?  Melanie agreed.  Solidarity.

We arrived in Fredericksburg around 7 pm.  Annie, Leslie and Britney were already there.  We freshened up our ageless faces and headed to the restaurant.

THIS is where the FUN began.

We ordered a bottle of wine.  Everyone took a sip.  A SIP.  Britney got up to run to the restroom and totally passed out.  I won't get into a TON of details, but lets just say that for 30 seconds we all pretty much thought she had suffered a brain aneurism.   No response.  While Melanie was doing CPR like stuff on her (I don't know what it was, I'm no medic and was totally panicking) I was trying to figure out the code on Britney's phone so I could be in touch with her husband, Justin.


While I'm panicking and unable to figure out the code to Britney's phone, Justin (who is obviously psychically connected to his wife) CALLED HER so I was able to just pick up and let him know what was going on.  I wasn't quite as cool as I wanted to be. I know my voice was shaking and I said something like, "'s Sarah, not Britney.  She...she passed out and I don't...I don't KNOW WHATS GOING ON BUT SHE ISN'T RESPONDING!"

So...this is my public apology to Justin for freaking you completely out.  I'm sorry.  Sometimes I'm not good under pressure.

Britney came to, the EMT folks got there and while it was fairly obvious by this point that she was just dehydrated and had possibly picked up a virus her kids currently had, it was still decided (mainly because she couldn't really walk) that she should take an ambulance ride to the hospital and get some IVs in her.


Annie got to ride in the ambulance with Brit but I got to go in the back ER room with her, which is where all the exciting stuff happened.  Like, a REAL prisoner in chains and shackles came in!  Orange jumpsuit and all.  He was totally checking me out and I was feeling pretty good about myself until BOTH Melanie AND Britney told me that when he had seen them he checked them out, too.

Bummer.  Ego deflated.

Blood was drawn.  Tests were taken.  Fluids were given.  Jokes were told under the watch an unamused doctor.  Annoyed looks were exchanged with a nurse who couldn't stop complaining about having to be at work.  There was a brief moment when I thought Britney may be pregnant and I evilly texted her husband with my opinion.

In the end, she wasn't pregnant, just dehydrated with a bit of a stomach bug that, miraculously, none of have seemed to pick up yet.

The whole time I was in the hospital room with Britney I felt like I do when my children get sick--that while it wasn't really in the plans for the day, there was no place I would rather be than with my sick friend.  She looked so sweet, small and annoyed laying in that hospital bed when she should have been looking sweet and small passed out on the floor due to all the wine tasting.  A true test of friendship is seeing how much fun you can have together in even the most germ filled places.  We passed that test with flying colors.

I wanted to ask the doctor to take some pictures of me doing pretend "surgery" on Britney for our "Girl's Trip" scrapbook, but in the end it was decided that it probably wasn't a good idea.

The rest of the weekend went by normally enough.  Brunch, shopping, wine, pie, cheese, gossip about old friends, super late nights, tons of laughs and I was reminded of who I was at 19.  Young, free, funny and loved.

My family is amazing. That obviously goes without saying.  BUT...anyone with kids knows that you can occasionally feel really unappreciated.  No matter how good a job my husband does at telling me how amazing I am, it will never change the fact that my kids (mainly Juliette, Harrison is actually pretty good at telling me I'm awesome) don't understand all the sacrifices I make for them.  They don't find me particularly funny or interesting and to spend my days with 2 munchkins who aren't yet able to vocalize how much they love me can be exhausting.

To spend 2 whole days with only friends who make me constantly feel like the best version of myself was just the boost I needed to come back and be the loving, fantastic mother that I am.

I'm an awesome wife, too.  I don't ever forget THAT, though, because my husband knows exactly how to communicate it.

Speaking of awesome spouses...

So I KNEW that Ryan would do a great job watching after the kids while I was away.  He is pretty much perfect at everything.  What I DIDN'T know was that he was going to enter them in a costume contest at a comic book store opening and that Juliette would WIN $250 for being an ADORABLE Bat Girl!  Great job basically winning back the money I spent on my trip, Ryan! Husband of the century.

Now it's time to start planning NEXT years Girl's Weekend trip.  My hopes are set for Vegas.  I have to say, though, that if this last Girl's Weekend has taught me anything it's that we can have fun together anywhere.  Maybe we should just save the money we would spend in Vegas and go hang out in a sewer or a Wal-Mart parking lot.  Either way, as long as my fantastic friends are around I'm sure to have a good time.

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  1. Sweet! Sounds like you have some amazing friends! So happy to call you friend too!