Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch Fix July 2015 Review: Outstanding Customer Service Makes Even the Worst Fix Enjoyable

As you can tell from the title, this Fix was bad.  So frustratingly bad that I actually contacted customer service and asked for my $20 styling fee back.  I hate complaining but when I pay a fee for a styling service I expect for something somewhat relevant to my requests be sent.  I'm not even one of those people who thinks that Stitch Fix should price match.  They shouldn't.  They aren't Wal-Mart, they're a freaking styling service.  Anyone who doesn't understand that their items are going to be marked up and complains that they should pay the price Stitch Fix pays is an entitled crazy person.  Go do the hunting yourself, lazy people!  If you don't want to spend your time shopping for clothes (which, its really easy with all the online retailers these days so don't talk to me about not having the time) then you're going to pay a premium.  Stop whining and making companies change their policies to appease their ungrateful clients.  You get the 25% off if you buy the lot, so it isn't like they aren't OFFERING a discount.


In my style profile the main 2 things that I mentioned consistently were "NO thin/cotton/clingy/jersey materials" and "NO bold/crazy patterns".   I also gave them the link to my Pinterest board so they could see exactly what I was into. When I opened my fix and 4 out of the 5 items encompassed 1-2 of those "NO" requests, I got...frustrated.  When I told my husband about my frustration I mentioned how I felt silly getting upset over a clothing subscription service.

"Don't you pay a fee?" he asked "You're frustrated because you spend all day with 2 kids who don't listen to anything you say.  Why would you pay someone $20 to not listen to you when you get it for free all day at home?"


So I emailed customer service and requested my styling fee back, letting them know that I loved the service and didn't really want to cancel because I was seeing friends getting awesome things but that I felt like my stylist just didn't read any of my comments and that literally everything I got just didn't go with my profile at all.

Within an hour everything was solved.  They emailed me right back, apologized and offered to cover my next Fix.  The money was credited to my account immediately and all was right in the world.  I no longer felt taken advantage of--I felt like a cherished client who they didn't want to lose.  It made me love them all over again.

And now, the reveal...

Item #1:  Reggie Tall Skinny Jean

I didn't specifically say to not send me jeans, so I can't fault my stylist on this one.  They were a little big/long (Yay!  Not eating chips for every meal is working!) but other than that they were so soft and comfortable.  They have amazing stretch and (don't have a heart attack, husband) if they had fit I MAY have been temped to spend the $150, which I feel like is outrageous for a pair of jeans but these are REALLY NICE jeans.  My only annoyance with them is that they were SENT AT ALL since I live in the TX Summer heat.  Sometimes I wish I lived in NYC.  Or Alaska.  Cold weather clothing is always more fun.

Item #2: Eastvale Scoop Neck Blouse

I love this style, just hate the print.  Besides the fact that I generally don't like busy prints, this one has pink flowers on it and pink is one of the few colors I said I didn't do.  If this top came in a solid color I would be all over it, though.  I'm not typically a fan of the high/low style (which, again, I believe I have that tidbit in my style profile) BUT this top is long enough in the front that it really wouldn't be an issue.

I love "styled" photos, and I also believe that so many times these subscription services will send you things that you have to try on in order to fall in love with.  So in an effort to play devil's advocate I tried on and styled the items, then had
my darling 4 year old take some totally candid, non-staged shots.

This is me sitting in my closet with my daughter while she tries on shoes that my feet don't fit into  anymore.  Why do feet get bigger after we have children?  What a horrible thing.  I have about $3000 worth of shoes that will never be worn by me again and are occasionally getting chewed up by Teething Toddler Juliette who doesn't understand the phrase "Don't eat that." I'm wearing the too long Reggie Tall Skinny Jeans and the Le Lis Eastvale Scoop Neck Blouse.

Item #3:  Fallon Dress

A friend was excited when I told her I had gotten this dress because she had it in the shirt version and loved it.  This works better as a shirt.  It is SUPER paper thin polyester material and has not only a crazy pattern, but HORIZONTAL STRIPES which are totally my nemesis.   Again, I love the style/cut of the dress.  If it had been a heavier material/lined/a solid color it would have totally been a keeper.  But it wasn't meant to be. This would work best on someone super tiny who has no body flaws whatsoever.  I know that MOST things would work best on someone like that, but this in particular needs a body like that.  There also seemed to be something off with the bottom portion of the cut, the stripes didn't quite line up, which is also a pet peeve of mine.  It's a reason I don't typically like patterns, I want things super symmetrical.  I've realized that with patterned dresses, if the cut is even just a tiny bit off, it won't line up and the side view will just be a big old jumbled mess.

This is a random picture of me wearing the Brixon Ivy Fallon Dress and completely losing my mind in my children's torn up playroom.  I'm obviously trying to keep cool and not explode while gazing upon the ridiculous mess my two tiny children created.

Item #4:  Aurelia Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Not gonna lie,  I peeked at my fix.  You should have seen the horrified texts I was sending fellow Stitch Fixers when I saw I was being sent a TIE-
DYE MAXI DRESS!!!!!!  I'm 34, and while I don't like to think that I'm on the Coldwater Creek fashion train yet, a tie-dye maxi dress is just not anything I would ever wear.  Like, ever. AND, to add insult to what this dress already is, it encompasses BOTH clingy cotton/jersey material AND a crazy print!  When I put the dress on it was as bad as I had thought it would be.  It has an elastic waist.  Unless I actually start working out or convince my husband that a tummy tuck would be worth the money, I'm never going to wear anything with an elastic waist again, ever.  For real, I don't know what these women who go back to their original bodies after kids are DOING, but...I feel like its probably way too hard for me to do it.

Look!  Its me wearing the Aurelia Tie-Dye Maxi and screaming at my son about how I can't believe he drank all the milk and ate an entire box of Nilla Wafers while I was changing.  The boy has an empty hole of a stomach where cookies are concerned.  Ask him if he wants a carrot and he's so full he can't move, ask him if he wants a cookie and suddenly its like I haven't fed him in months.

Item #5:  Ibby T-Shirt Dress

I already have this item in nightshirt form.

Again with the clingy cotton/jersey material.  This would be indecent for me to wear out.  When I first pulled it out I thought that maybe it would work with leggings but its WAY too long to wear with leggings.  A dress it would have to be.  I tried, folks.  I broke out the Spanx, threw on some heels and a necklace, turned to my darling son (who is REALLY good at making his mom feel pretty) and he asked why I was wearing shoes with my nightgown.
And so the Sweet Grey Ibby T-Shirt Dress was defeated.

It's so thin, guys, nobody should wear this unless its as a pool cover up or a nightshirt.  I feel like it looks all cute on the hanger with its patterned ribbon on the neckline but, trust me, its a no.

Here is a picture of me wearing it as a nightshirt, which is the only way it should really be worn. I'm obviously checking for new wrinkles even though, as my son sweetly states, I'm only a LITLTE old.   If you happen to own this top and have styled it well or feel like I'm totally out of line on its merits, please send me photos.  I'm dying to see someone pull this off without looking like they're going to a slumber party.

So the Fix is all going back, but since Stitch Fix's customer service is top notch, I'm going to be giving them a try again next month.  I already upped my price points and am going to try saying exactly what I DO like instead of what I DON'T like.  I have a good feeling about next month's crop of clothing.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I agree. That was a lousy fix. It's frustrating when you see other bloggers getting super cute fixes, and then yours is a let down. I hope you have better results next month!

  2. Me, too! I feel like they're going to try extra hard to get it right this time. I'm excited to see what they send :)