Monday, July 27, 2015

Golden Tote July 2015 Review: Three Cheers For KB

I wasn't going to order a tote this month.  Then I got a horrifyingly bad Stitch Fix, decided that I hated everything in my closet and REALLY just HAD TO HAVE a Golden Tote.

I'm so glad my husband made me a killer margarita and I semi-drunk ordered a tote after he went to bed.

For those who don't know what Golden Tote is yet, you can read my first review and explanation of this awesome company HERE.

If you're part of the Golden Tote Facebook Trading Group you know that you often read posts that say "Thank GOD I was styled by KB" and "Team KB all the WAY".  When I opened my tote and saw that it was styled by the famous KB, my expectations instantly skyrocketed.  I felt like the poor girl didn't stand a chance since, due to her reputation, I was going to be merciless on her styling ability.

She totally delivered.

Chosen Item #1:  Go-To Pocket Dress

I had seen a bunch of reviews with this dress talking about how people were surprised by the material, that it was really wrinkly out of the box.  It was, but 10 minutes of shower steam flattened that sucker out.  You guys.  I love it.  LOVE IT!  Pictures don't do it justice.  It flows, has a gorgeous neckline, shifts easily, is the perfect length and my favorite color to wear.  Black.  I paired it with just a gold belt, a simple necklace, gold flat sandals and it became THE dress to wear while running errands or chasing after crazy loud children who don't seem to understand that breaking the hand holding routine and running after random dogs is a bad idea.
Chosen Item #2:  Embroidered Crossback Dress in Grey

I so went back and forth on this item.  People kept talking about this material, too, how it was a weird color and they were sending it back.  I took a close up of the material so hopefully you'll be able to see what people were talking about.  It has what looks like florescent yellow flecks blended in with the grey.  I LOVE it.  Once again, great length, I like the different material and it's a great "run around town" dress.  Love the pockets.  Just an easy dress that I can throw on and feel pretty in.  A fantastic alternative to the sweatpants I've currently been sporting in an effort to be comfortable.  I may go after this dress in green.  I sized up to a large in it  because the model who wore it in the promo pictures was in a large, and I think I'm pretty close to her body type.  I'm really glad I sized up, I think my normal medium would have been way too clingy.  This is a dress that looks good with a little loose material.

Surprise Item #1:  Renee C. Multi Floral Shift

If you read my Stitch Fix reviews you'll know that I was sent a dress just like this from them this month.  I talk/write a lot about materials (don't like clingy cottons, no crazy prints, no super thin material, etc.) and a big difference in what Stitch Fix sent and this dress is the material.  It is a thicker, lined dress that wouldn't have clinged...if it had fit.  Apparently Renee C. runs small and while they sent me my normal medium, this dress was just too tight for me to wear.  I like it, though.  Gorgeous colors and while I'm still not a fan of horizontal stripes, this dress was the right length/material for me to still want to keep it as a day dress had it fit.

Surprise Item #2:  Collective Concepts Sleeveless Tribal Print Top

Love this top.  Great cut, warm/rich colors and a great length.  It's classy, easy to dress up or down and one of my new favorite tops.  I love the Collective Concepts brand and already own a few items from them that I've gotten at Dillards, so I know this top will last and not shrink up after one wash.  Great job, KB.  I wouldn't have every picked this off the rack for myself but absolutely love it.

Surprise Item #3:  Skies Are Blue Pleated Shoulder Detail Shirt

This is my husband's favorite item on me.  He rarely comments on my outfit decisions and his opinion means a lot to me so now it's MY favorite item on me.  It's a thin material but the light pattern hides any small flaws.  I love the neckline, it's super soft and the buttons make for a great detail.  I do love the 3/4 length sleeves.  I was a little nervous it would be too hot to wear a shirt with longer sleeves but the material is so light that it still works great in the TX Summer.

Surprise Item #4:  Skies Are Blue Knotted Tee

I tried hard to make this work but it is just too short on me.  I loved the color and the idea, it just looked terrible.  Super thin material paired with the solid color and cut just didn't hide any of the "Seriously, I'm working on this" parts of my body.  No pictures of me in this one.  You wouldn't want to see one, anyway.  This would be great on someone a bit more petite.  Or just someone younger.  It strikes me as a younger style.  Maybe I'll send it to my sister.  Or give it to the babysitter.  Or if someone wants to trade their Renee C Floral Shift in a Large for it, I'm game for that, too.

This Tote was really great for me.  I'm having a hard time finding things that are comfortable but flattering and KB really delivered.  I wish we were able stay with the same stylist each time because she really seems to know what she's doing.

Next Tote Day is August 3rd!  Be sure to do your style profile before since things DO sell out! :)

Feel free to sign up via my GOLDEN TOTE REFERRAL LINK because then I get some credit and it REALLY helps with my compulsive shopping habit.

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  1. Love this stuff, I'm obsessed with that gray dress, it's gorgeous on. I think you've convinced me to check out GT. I have a stitch fix schedule next month, but might postpone it. Thanks Sarah!

  2. Gabby, they have that dress in teal, too. Its so pretty, I may go ahead and get it in teal next tote. If they hadn't comped my stitch fix this month I would be canceling. Golden Tote has just really been on point with my style/requests. I already sold the shift dress from this tote that didn't fit for $25, which is another perk--the ease of selling the unwanted items on their FB page. I'm a fan. Obviously :)