Saturday, July 11, 2015

Birch Box July 2015 Review: Summertime Refresher

I must have signed up at the tail end of the June Birchbox because I just got one 2 weeks ago.  I was crazy happy/surprised to see another one in my mailbox today.  How cute is this box?!?  Love it. Gotta be honest, part of what I love about subscription boxes is the packaging and the makeup/accessories boxes I've gotten so far are really on point.  This reminds me of a vintage Pucci dress.  I want wallpaper in this design so I can put it in my closet.


Everything in the box this month was a hit for me.  Its all stuff that I'll eventually use but there wasn't anything that I was SO in love with that I would consider buying it off their site.  I'll have fun with the samples and when they're gone...they're gone.

So these are the products.  A picture of the info card is below so you can see exactly how much the full size products cost.  It always blows my mind when I see the full size price list.  Have I been living under a rock?  When did people start paying $32 for sunscreen?  Am I just crazy cheap?

Item #1: Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer

It definitely refreshes.  Light, I've thrown this into my "Take it to the Pool" bag.  It isn't anything that I would typically buy myself.  A "Face Refresher Spray" is a little too Hamptons for the likes of me, but it'll be fun to use while it lasts.  When people start staring at me because my kids are running like hellions around the pool  and screaming about how they hate the water and want fruit chews, I'll whip this out and spray my face and people will be all, "Wow.  She's classy, she has a face spray.  Her kids are probably usually well behaved, we should stop staring."  Yup.

Item #2: amika un.Done Texture Spray

This reminds me of the spray I just got in my Glossybox a few days ago.  I actually love the spray so I'm not opposed to getting more, but I like the scent of the Glossybox spray a bit more.  This one definitely boosts my hair up but I feel like it leaves a little too much residue.  Not anything I would buy a full size version of, no matter how much I love the cute design on the bottle.

Item #3:  Jouer Daily Clarifying Treatment

This sample is crazy tiny, it barely exists.  Its super expensive so after I put it on I waited for my face to magically look amazing but that didn't happen.  Maybe after a couple more uses.  IF I can get a couple more uses out of the teeny, tiny little ant bottle. Its light, basically scentless (which I like in a moisturizer) but I didn't notice anything super amazing about it that would garner a $48 price point.

Item #4:  stila Liquid Lipstick Trio

I guess this is a set of 3.  I got the bright, vixen red because I put in my profile that I like red glosses and lipsticks and they paid attention.  Grand Slam for you, Birchbox.  I've mentioned before how I typically hate all glosses/lipsticks because I can't stand the way they feel but this one is actually pretty light.  I'm going to keep it for date nights.  I'll look like a totally different woman with lipgloss on, my husband will be so

Item #5:  COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face

At first I was all "Boringggggg" because who cares about sunscreen?  Then I realized I was totally out of sunscreen and got happy because this sample meant I wouldn't have to go buy any before going to the pool this week. SCORE. It actually smells amazing and an SPF of 30 is enough to keep me from getting burned but not enough to keep me from getting a faint glow.  This also made it into my "Take it to the Pool" bag.  All of my new awesome products make me want to actually make the trek to the pool.

I'm still a big fan, Birchbox.  Glossybox got me all excited with their full size products and amazing packaging but I think that the two of you are tied where my love is concerned.  $10 is a great price point for what I got.  After getting boxes so close together its going to feel like AGES until my box arrives next month.  Next month is August, guys.  AUGUST!  The year is almost
over.  Where has all my time gone...

If you want to try out Birchbox I would love for you to use my referral link so I can rack up some Birch Points and get myself some super expensive sunscreen :)

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