Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stitch Fix June 2015 Review: It Could Have Been Better

Today I received my 2nd Stitch Fix.

For anyone who doesn't already know, Stitch Fit is a monthly clothing box subscription service.  A stylist reads through the style profile you fill out before ordering and, theoretically, matches you with clothing and accessories that you'll love for a deep discount off retail prices.  If you keep every item in your Fix you get 25% off, otherwise you can pay for what you want and send back the rest. There is a $20 styling fee that is non-refundable but able to be put toward any purchases you make.  In my notes to my stylist this month I mentioned how I hated clingy cotton material, needed shorts, loved shift dresses and liked to accessorize with statement pieces.  I did note that I was incredibly picky about my jewelry and purses so unless they found something they thought would be AMAZING for me, I would rather focus on clothing.

I was really excited to see what my stylist had chosen for me.   I was hoping for some "I never would have picked that for myself but I LOVE IT" items.


Item #1: Gilli
Jessie Maxi Dress

I was really disappointed in this dress.  It seems to be a favorite among Stitch Fix subscribers but it just reminded me of the dresses I wore while pregnant.  The material was the super thin cotton that I just hate.  It shows every single flaw and the material just comes across as cheap to me.  I'm 5'7 and the dress JUST hit my ankles.  I typically wear wedges with my maxi dresses--if I wear flats I end up looking really short--so the length of the dress didn't work for me, either.  It will be returned.

Item #2: Bay to Baubles
Grant Chain-Linked Collar Necklace

As I mentioned above, I'm super picky with my jewelry and accessories.  This is the second necklace they have sent me that just wasn't my style at all. I was willing to give it a go and tried to style it with some of the items my stylist sent but it just didn't seem to go with anything.  It also didn't seem to be worth the $35 price tag they were asking. I'm interested to see if anyone else got this necklace and what they thought of it. Unfortunately, it'll be going back as well.

Item #3: Skies are Blue
Hercules Crochet Detail Top

This is an adorable blouse, it just isn't flattering on me at all.  The color is really bright, there are amazing little details with all the stitching and crochet.  The length is perfect, it falls right below my upper thigh.  It IS also sheer, which means you would have to wear a camisole or tank underneath.  I wish this blouse had looked better on me because the detail and cut is so cute.  Unfortunately this will be going back.

Item #4:  Dear John
Finnegan Roll Cuff Short

I had specifically asked for shorts and my stylist delivered.  These are a great, thick material.  Long enough to be classy but short enough to not be considered Mom shorts.  The material also has some stretch to it so the shorts are super comfortable.  Great for those 7 hour, take the kids to Sea World days.  These also seem like a really popular item with other Stitch Fix subscribers, and I can see why.

Will more than likely end up keeping these.

Item #5
Zera Lace Bomber Jacket

This was my favorite item.  When I first saw it I wasn't in love.  Its a khaki green color and looked really boxy (which is, I suppose, how a bomber jacket should look).  I'm not typically a huge fan of lace and its also high 90's here in Texas right now.  THEN I put it on and...it is SO cute.  The fit was perfect, it wasn't like anything I already owned and the only drawback I could think of was that I wouldn't be able to wear it for a few months unless I wanted to die of heatstroke.  I do think this one is a keeper!

This Fix was certainly better than my last one.  For my next Fix I'm going to put my distaste of thin/clingy cotton material in BIG BOLD letters and will probably just say that I'm not interested in any jewelry.  I love that my stylist sent me a great pair of shorts and a jacket that I love and never would have chosen for myself.  Looking forward to my next fix!

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