Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Golden Tote June 2015 Review: I'm in Love!

Shopping with my children has gotten ridiculous.  If they aren't screaming about being snackless, they're asking me for something ridiculous (pizza in a clothing store, a $500 power wheels Hummer, a bo staff).  I've decided to take the pressure off of shopping.  It used to be so fun for me to try on and buy new clothes/accessories so in order to bring the fun back I've decided to have the clothing delivered right to me. While my little darlings sleep I'll have private fashion shows with myself, never again having to worry about tiny, chocolate graham cracker encrusted fingers pawing at me.

So far it has been an amazing success.


For those who don't have the pleasure of previous knowledge, Golden Tote is a California based company that specializes in finding you amazing clothing/accessories and delivering them straight to your door for a deep discount off retail prices. You typically have 2 options:  $149 tote or $49 tote.  The $149 tote has 5-6 items in it.  You choose 2 items from their boutique and they surprise you with the rest.  The $49 tote has 2 items.  You choose 1 item from the boutique and they surprise you with another.  They currently have a "Surprise Tote" which will come with 4 surprise items from their "secret stash" that costs $99.  I had such a great experience with my 1st tote that I already ordered a Surprise Tote.

With this company its ALL or NOTHING.  You can either keep everything or send it all back. This concept scared me at first because I'm a HUGE online shopper and am constantly returning things due to size/fit/material.  Then I found out they have a very active Facebook trading page.  I decided to give it a go and am so glad I did.

Every order comes with a tote, which is fantastic for me because I use cloth bags for my groceries and can never have too many!

The clothing is always folded and tied up nicely.  Honestly, there isn't 1 surprise item in this tote that I would have typically picked for myself had I been out shopping but almost all worked so well for me.

Every item I received is a cold wash/lay flat kind of item.  They say on their site that most of their items are delicate materials. I've read reviews of people complaining that things fall apart after 1 wash, but that hasn't ever happened to me because...I follow instructions.


Surprise Item 
Brand:  Hem & Thread
Material: Poly/Cotton mix

This tank is so crazy soft.  It IS shorter than tops I normally wear (I'm super into tunics/long tanks) but it looks so great with shorts/wide leg jeans.  Part of the design is gray but most of it is a light navy/blue. I had this paired with dark tailored jeans and a light black/gray vest with silver shoes/accessories and it looked great.   I should have taken a "styled" photo. Next time.

Surprise Item
Brand:  Teenplo USA
Material:  Polyester

This is another item I wouldn't have picked for myself (the design is a little bold) but this top is already one of my favorites.  It matches my favorite Chloe & Isabel necklace PERFECTLY and the cut out lace back is fun/edgy but not TOO young looking.  I hope.  Let me know, sometimes I make bad decisions.  It gathers in the back which makes it super flattering.

<-------------Back of the blouse

Notice the lace detail and how it gathers at the point of the triangle.  All of the little details are what made this top a favorite for me.

Surprise Item
Brand:  Style Loft
Material: 97% Rayon, 3% Spandex

Another super soft tank with great detail.  This was a surprise item and fits great.  The lace detail on the neckline is a perfect contrast to the sporty look of the actual tank.  This ended up working GREAT with black jeans and a light jean vest.  I promise next reveal I'll do pictures to show everything styled because it really makes all the difference.

"Sittin' Pretty" Top
Brand: Esley
Material:  100% Rayon

This was one of my chosen items and I just love it.   It is also a little shorter than I usually like my tops but is really flattering.  There is so much detail with the lace/design.  I'm not usually a fan of bell sleeves but these aren't too wide and taper really well.  There is a button closure/cutout on the back which just adds to the femininity of the top.  I've already worn this and was really happy that it didn't immediately wrinkle up, which I was afraid was going to happen.  Ironing is the worst.

This top is currently sold out but they occasionally do restocks.

"Shift into Style" Dress
Brand:  THML Clothing
Material:  100% Rayon

This was my second chosen item and it fits perfectly.  2 years after being done with children I'm STILL trying to get back in shape.  I blame Oreos and my daughter's total lack of snack-finishing abilities.  I wear a lot of shift dresses and have been looking for one that hides my stomach/thighs but isn't TOO boxy.  This dress is PERFECT!  The material is a little thinner than I thought but the length/cut is spot on for me.  I got the dress in navy/ivory but they also have it in orange/taupe.  This is still available in their boutique for $60 alone or $40 if you purchase a tote!

Surprise Item
Brand:  Esley
Material: Cotton

This was the only surprise item I didn't love BUT I was able to immediately sell it (literally, I posted it on the FB trading group and had the money in my paypal account about an hour later).  It was actually a super cute dress but the elastic waist just looked ridiculous on me because of weight...

I'm also not a fan of any kind of horizontal stripe or ties around the neck.  The woman who bought it sent me a picture of her in it and she looked so crazy cute!

I got the $149 large tote and sold the green Esley dress for $25 so I spent $125 on the 5 items I kept, averaging $25 an item.  I wouldn't have spent $25 on each of the tank tops (maybe $15/$20) but I would have spent at LEAST that on the 2 blouses and $60+ on the shift dress, so my tote was MORE than worth it for me.

I want to take a paragraph to write about the Golden Tote Facebook Trading Group.  I JUST joined it this last week and posted a quick reveal (just the photo at the bottom of this blog) and I was SWARMED with people commenting/emailing me complimenting my items, talking about trades, excited about my reveal...and something in me just clicked.  I was suddenly surrounded by a ton of amazing, friendly, fashion loving women who were so supportive and complimentary of someone they had never met.  Women who were young, old, single, them I wasn't just a Mom.  I was a peer.  A fashion loving peer who they could relate to.

It is just a really nice perk to be able to share the excitement of GT with so many great women.

I did Stitch Fix for the first time last month and only kept one item.  I'll be doing it again this month and will make a decision as to which clothing box I keep subscribing to.  I like that Stitch Fix allows you to pick and choose which items to keep but since you only get the discount if you buy EVERYTHING, the items you do keep end up being way more expensive.  I've just discovered that Stitch Fix has a FB trading group as well and if they are as active and nice as the GT trading group I may just keep both subscriptions!

If you haven't already tried Golden Tote feel free to use my referral link.  I don't get paid/sent free stuff to review/reveal but I DO get $10 in credit when someone orders via my link, so I would obviously appreciate you using it :)


  1. Great job! I have stitch fix and haven't been super happy with it, especially the ridiculous prices sometimes, I might just have to try Golden Tote. I think pictures of how you style the clothes is a great idea, you're so fashionable and I feel like I always need to see how something can be styled (I'm a visual learner!). Keep it up Sarah!

    1. That was my one issue with Stitch Fix--the item I kept was $80, which I never would have paid in store but I felt like I needed to keep SOMETHING so the $20 styling fee wasn't wasted :/ I'm hoping my next fix is better. I'll let you know how the surprise Golden Tote works out and if its just as awesome as my first one I'll pressure you into trying it :)