Monday, February 9, 2015

Bob Mackie Love With a Side of Cher

I saw Mermaid's in...I think it was 7th grade.  Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci starred as a dysfunctional family...blah blah blah...the POINT is that I totally fell in love with Cher, which was weird because Christina was really more my age bracket.  Cher was fabulous, beautiful, tall...I don't even remember how I found out that Bob Mackie designed a ton of her show costumes, but I did and his name stuck with me forever and became the pinnacle for glamourous, heavily beaded, exciting fashion.  I've only found one other Bob Mackie dress at an estate sale but they wanted a ridiculous $800 for it (at an ESTATE SALE!  Really?  An estate sale is only a step above Goodwill price wise, people, and that is more than likely where that dress went since NOBODY would pay that at an estate sale).

I recently found a Bob Mackie dress from the 70's at one of my favorite shops, for far less than $800.  I loved the dress in general as soon as I laid eyes on it, and when I saw who the designer was I almost fainted.  I proceeded to tell everyone around me about how I had always dreamed of owning a Bob Mackie dress, that his designs were inspiring, that this was an amazing find...nobody cared.  I need to find a shopping buddy.  Someone who won't buy/steal anything I want for themselves, though.  Maybe someone who would just buy the stuff FOR me.

I wish my mom lived closer.

This dress is deceiving.  I was convinced it would fit me, to the point where I felt relief that next year's Christmas/Birthday dress was already taken care of.  The label SAID size 6.  My disappointment was immense when I tried to squeeze into this gem and the vintage size 6 was really more of a modern size 2-4.  Heart = Broken.

I'll still have it for a while.  The beading needs to be redone and it needs major clean up, so I can enjoy owning it for now.  I suppose I could diet and work out until I'm a size 2-4 but...boringgggggg...and I don't condone lying to myself. Valentine's Day candy is RIGHT around the corner.  

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