Friday, January 18, 2013

32 Resolutions to Better Myself This Year

In honor of turning 32 this last month  (but still looking 15, obviously) I've made 32 resolutions for 2013.

32:  Take a vitamin. WHY is this so HARD to REMEMBER?  Also, I'm only 32.  Why are my knees creaking?  Probably because I haven't been taking vitamins.

31:  Stop swearing.  When did it become funny to curse?  It is the lowest form of humor and I always feel less classy when it happens.  Also, Harrison is mimicking everything.  The last thing I need to add on my "Things That Embarrass Me" list is having my kid yelling crap every time he drops a crayon.

30: Posture!  I'm constantly crouched down for my little man and it is ruining my back/physical appearance.  I have GOT to remember to keep my shoulders back.  Friends, feel free to shoot a rubber band at my face every time you see me looking like Quasi.

29: Less laundry.  If I'm doing 4 loads of laundry a week, we have too many items of clothing.

28: Donate more.  Like some of the excessive amounts of clothing I'm always washing.

27: Don't yell at animals. Alexander Marco barks because he thinks he hears someone breaking in and wants to SAVE ME from potential DEATH.  I need to cut him a break.  I love you, Alexander.

26: Read at least 4 smart books this year.  Ones that aren't in the tween section or by Dr. Seuss.

25:  Less pizza.  We seriously have pizza at least twice a week.  NO MORE.  Sorry, Papa John's, you are going to have to survive without us.

24: resolutions is a LOT. Um...complain less.  Or not at all.  My life is awesome and I really shouldn't complain about not having time to get my brows waxed.

23:  Really try to make time to get my brows waxed.  They get super out of control, people.  I'm also happier when I'm more manicured, and happier me = happier family.

22: Make doctor appointments for myself and keep them.  I am no longer a young chicken who can eat a whole bag of cheddar cheese potato chips and not see/feel the horrific results.  It is time to take care of myself so I can live a long, happy, healthy life with my darling husband and adorable son.

21:  Find a "cause" and volunteer time to it.

20:  Be patient with people and try to have more empathy.  I have found myself getting increasingly short tempered with people who walk slowly or lack social skills.  I need to work on that.  Getting angry at people for things they really can't help isn't a characteristic I want to have.

19: Wake up early with my husband.  If he can get up at 5 am, so can I.  I can also use that time to do things that make me happy (write, sew, coffee, read, text friends who are still sleeping).

18: Walk in the mornings...but only when it gets warmer because right now it is WAY too cold to walk in the morning.  I don't do well with cold mornings.

17: Send random cards to the people I love to remind them that they are loved.  Everyone needs reminding and everyone loves real mail.

16:  Save more, spend less.  But after March.  Starting in April I'll save more, spend less.

15:  Organize the garage.

14:  Organize the playroom.

13: Organize the potential future child's room it isn't just full of tape and Christmas decorations.

12:  Organize the kitchen cabinets.

11:  Post something new on my Etsy shop every week.  It makes me really happy when I finish a project and people like it.  It'll also keep my shop current and less boring.

10:  Stop reading negative articles about negative events.  I have a habit of, when something terrible happens, I sit and read every little thing about it.  Then I spend the rest of the day depressed, terrified and crying.

9:  Maybe start reading comic books balance out the negative article habit.

8:  I'm kind of horrified that there are so many things I feel like I need to work on.  #8 is going to be to stop putting so much pressure on myself to do everything perfectly.

7:  Remember to get my oil changed.

6:  Plan at least 4 surprise day trips for my little family.

5:  ...vitamins, again.  It really IS an important resolution.

4:  Less coffee, more tea.

3:  Research whether or not coffee is actually any healthier than tea.

2:  Plan a neighborhood block party thing.  We're going to be living here for quite some time, so we should really get to know our neighbors better.

1:  Make sure that every day I'm doing the best I can with the life and resources I've been given.

...and DONE.

I don't want to get into writing about all the shootings, politics, gun control and other horrible topics that everyone seems to think they have the best solution for, but I do want to just put out there that I hope and pray that this new year, if not better, is at least productive for everyone.

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