Thursday, November 8, 2012

For a Formal Affair

Today I found a 1970's wedding dress  ------>               
Or it found me.  I typically do all of my shopping on Wednesday while Harrison is at his Play Time Day Care School thing but SOMETHING (Aliens? ESP? God?  We'll never know...) told me to stop at my favorite thrift shop on my way home from an unproductive lunch at Chick-fil-a (Harrison had a meltdown right before we went in so we ended up eating in the car).  So we're sifting through clothing and just as Harrison was finishing his granola bar, all set to have another screaming fit once that last morsel left his tiny baby hands, an employee brings out this wedding dress and hangs it RIGHT NEXT to the rack I was looking at.  I saw an older woman make eyes at it so I ran over and touched it first.  

Finder's, keepers, lady.  

The woman (I'll call her Marcie because she looked like a Marcie) came and stood next to me as I examined the dress.  Marcie commented on how old it looked (but she said this in a good, admiring way which led me to believe that she was a vintage clothing collector as well).  Tagless, except for the telltale "Union Made" blue and orange label which means it came from the mid 70's-late 80's.  High neck, buttons all in tact.  The back of the dress had sheer material woven through and it had either completely torn off or was beginning to, but I knew I could take it off completely or attach new material.  I was sold.  I never even THOUGHT about reworking old wedding dresses, probably because the thought of someone selling their wedding dress makes me sad.  This one is so old, though.  I'm sure the owner had a wonderful, long marriage and just died.  Peacefully. In bed, next to her husband, just like in the most romantic movie ever, The Notebook.

I picked the dress up and started to carry it to the cashier.  Old Marcie asked in a too sugary sweet tone (this led me to believe she was angry I had gotten to it first) if I was getting married, which was a ridiculous question since I not only had my kid who shouts out "DADA" every 30 seconds right there with me , but I was also sporting my wedding ring.  Also, the dress fits someone who is 5'4 and tiny, which I am not.  Obviously, MARCIE.  I said I wasn't getting married, but I knew a lot of people who were, and got out of there before she could snatch it away.



...on another note...


I ALSO found an AMAZING Alfred Werber 70's maxi dress with fabulous slits up both legs.  That sucker is covered in spots so I have to do some damage control, but I love, love, LOVE IT! Very mod.

Since I know all of you were wondering, the answer is, yes, Harrison DID take a nap once we got home and I DID enjoy my Chick-fil-a even though I had a screaming toddler in the backseat.  How can someone get so angry when they are being taken out for lunch?  Seriously, that child is crankiest when I'm doing the nicest things for him. In a couple years he'll be BEGGING to be taken out to lunch but by then I'll have spent all our money on my new hobby, collecting old wedding dresses.

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