Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Hunt Makes it Fun

About a month ago I decided that I needed a hobby, something that was mine alone and in no way involved diapers, pet food or cleaning supplies.  Always having been a fan of beautiful old things (clothes, jewelry, furniture, Diane Lane, George Clooney) I decided that I wanted to start up an online vintage shop. My darling husband was all for this idea.  For 2 straight weekends that amazing man watched our son while I collected beautiful castaways.  He shuttled me around, sitting patiently in the car with a cranky toddler who wouldn't stop screaming about cookies while I sifted through racks of clothing at thrift stores and consignment shops that more often than not smelled of spaghetti-o's and dust.  I visited numerous estate sales, feeling slightly evil while bargaining over a dead woman's favorite church dress.  

My favorite find in those first two weeks is this gem ------------------------------------------------------------>

Vintage 60's forest green dress by Coco California:  It was incredibly long and tearing at the seams.  Cutting it to right below the knees and patching up the sleeves didn't take much time at all and resulted in an elegant holiday dress that others looked past because of small flaws and an ugly length.  My sister, the model, begged me to let her have this dress.  No dice.  After I lose 20 pounds, if it hasn't sold, I'm keeping it.

Since one REALLY can't put a price on my having amazing visions for old clothing, I wanted to put the cost at $1,000,000 for this dress.  After speaking with friends, though, it was DECIDED that $75 was appropriate.  I stand CORRECTED, penny pinchers.

Since this is my first entry and the beginning of my little business/hobby/way to relieve some stress, I feel the need to give a big thank you, a "shout out" if you will, to my little family.  My tiny toddler has come with me on numerous excursions to find new items and all he asks for in return is the occasional trip to McDonald's and a constant stream of Vanilla Wafers.  My husband didn't bat an eyelash when I said I wanted to turn our front room (which we were already in the process of turning into a music room/library) into my craft/office area.  He has happily taken over all evening duties (kiddo bath time, dinner) while I organize my daily finds and sew.  He is giving really nice answers like "Pretty!" and "I like it!"without once rolling his eyes to my constant questions about whether or not he likes a certain dress.

Good men are really hard to find.  Great men are even harder.  I found a STELLAR man.  Know how?  By sifting through hundreds of cruddy ones that more often than not smelled like spaghetti-o's and dust.   I fully believe that the only way to find and appreciate great things are by having to go through the bad ones first.

Its the hunt that makes it fun.

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