Friday, September 16, 2016

Redbird Vintage Box: New Look & Fabulous Changes

"Fashion changes, but style endures" -Coco Chanel


Hi.  Life has been busy, right?  Funny how you can feel like you have no time to spare but at the same time feel like you're getting absolutely nothing done.


Is it irony?  I don't know, school was so long ago, I can't remember the definitions of anything.



That's right.  There have been changes.  People who I love tell me I can be long winded and should consider just using bullet points to let you all know what the changes are.  Because I love them, I'll trust them and just use the bullet points.

  • Prices for the boxes have gone down. Juliette is $30, Marie is $60 & Lorene is $100.
  • Redbird Vintage Box is a legit subscription box now, which means that if you don't cancel your subscription (by the 15th of the month) you will be charged automatically.
  • We're hosting the site/box on Cratejoy, a site that caters to subscription boxes. So the ease of subscribing and canceling is...really simple.
  • Our shop is now an entirely different site,
  • You may still request items from our shop to be included in your box. Or you can be completely surprised.  Both choices are exciting.
  • Even if you took the style survey in the past, you will need to fill out a survey when you subscribe again. The survey will just pop right up when you chose which box you want to subscribe to and it's a simple 5 minute fill in that helps us choose items you're gonna LOVE.
  • We've gotten in some ridiculously amazing items in the past few weeks.  This isn't necessarily a change, just an exciting fact.
The whole Redbird Vintage Box site has gotten a total makeover, so be sure to go check it out and maybe give a few compliments.  

We do so love compliments.

Questions should be sent to

Friday, September 2, 2016

Stitch Fix September 2016 Reveal & Review

*Stitch Fix is a styling service that is perfect for busy women who get overwhelmed at the thought of crowded clothing stores filled with pushy salespeople and pickpockets. For $20 a month a stylist will send you 5 items (clothing, shoes, accessories) chosen specifically for you based on answers you've given in a previously taken style profile quiz. Once your box arrives you'll have a few days to try things on and decide what to keep. If you keep something your $20 styling fee is applied toward that purchase. If you don't keep anything you lose the $20 styling fee. You can pause or cancel your Fix easily at any time. *

School has started for my little Kindergartener and the perceived pressure for me to look pulled together at parental activities is at an all time high. I asked my stylist to send me clothing appropriate for warm weather, adding on that I was still into shifts & midi-dresses.  

Let's just dive into it.

Market & Spruce Hans Crochet Front Top
Absolutely love this top. If you've been looking for a black top that can be dressed up or down you should request this one from your Stitch Fix stylist immediately. The crochet detail is so feminine and the back zipper adds a little more personality to the top. Bag is Brahmin. Jeans are Express. Bangles & rack of clothing to be sorted is Redbird Vintage.

Bangle set available for box request @ or purchase @

Next item...

Hailey 23 Zaira Textured Knit Dress

I have a love/hate relationship with this dress. I think it looks adorable but the material is so thin that it shows all the lumps/bumps and I'm just not in a place right now where I can wear Spanx without passing out. I love where my stylist was going with this dress and if I had been working out this past month LIKE I SAID I WAS GOING would have been perfect.  

I styled the dress with wedge sandals and accessories from Redbird Vintage. The dress is versatile enough that it would look great with boots for the Fall as well.  

I'm starting to regret not keeping it. I may have to request it again in a month or so.

Accessories available for box request @ or purchase @

My stylist sent some tie ankle sandals that didn't fit because I have long alien toes. No foot photos for me, I hide those puppies whenever I can. I'm not a fan of the tie ankle style. I'm a terrible walker, constantly falling, and these shoes wouldn't have done me any favors. I've seen this style on others and they look so adorable, so I'll blame my feet, not the shoes.

DV8 Dena Strappy Sandal

I was also sent a red/orange top by Skies are Blue that was a bit too small/short for my frame. Really pretty material and great for Summertime, I can see why my stylist chose it. It looks to be an easy wrinkler, though, which I just don't have time to deal with.

Skies are Blue Bergen Embroidery Detail Top

Skies are Blue Bergen Embroidery Detail Top

The last item sent was a dress I had pinned on Pinterest only a few days before (if you are currently doing or thinking about doing Stitch Fix, START A PINTEREST BOARD if you haven't already because it'll help your stylist out TREMENDOUSLY) so I was thrilled to see it.  


In person, I liked it but didn't love it. I knew the color was going to be orange (which I typically don't like) but I loved the pattern so much that I didn't care and requested it anyway.

I just can't pull off orange. Or fluorescents. I SO want to have the coloring to wear fun, bright clothing but...I just don't.  

Thanks, Mom.  



Paired with ModCloth booties and accessories from Redbird Vintage Box.  

I'm thinking about going blonde now that I'm living in Florida. That would probably give me more room to wear the pinks and oranges I've been eyeing. Something to think about.  

I always love it when a Fix comes and this time was no exception. I've already scheduled my next one and have to stop myself from asking for Fall items. Fall fashion is my favorite.

Haven't yet joined in on the Stitch Fix love? Join now using my personal STITCH FIX LINK.  I'll get a little kickback that'll help support my shopping habit and be forever grateful.

I'm looking to follow more Stitch Fix/Fashion lovers via Pinterest and Instagram so if you have a board/feed that involves those things shoot it to me via or paste the link in the comments section!

Oh, look!  It's the most adorable photo bomber in all the world!

*This blog contains affiliate & referral links.  I'm incredibly grateful when you click on them because it helps support my emotional shopping habit.  Thanks in advance!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Redbird Vintage Box: Ready for any Event

What's new?

We've moved the shop (and my entire family) to Florida. We've been busy making changes, creating new contacts and are currently setting up a workspace that has just the right amount of whimsy combined with functionality. More pictures of that to come, but for now...

You can say it.  Aww.....

Puppy is also a new Florida addition.  He's extremely helpful when he isn't chewing up the side of wicker baskets or peeing on my new rug.  Training classes are in the future.  He's lucky he's got such a cute face.

We're changing up some things with Redbird and will be slowing rolling those changes out in the next month or so.  One of the major transitions is that we're going to be working with more formal/special event attire and accessories.  We have a ton of fun shopping and styling for all of life's events but have found that that the majority of our customers (especially the repeat ones) like to use our service to find one of a kind dresses & accessories for special events where the possibility of someone wearing the same thing as them is a concern.  You won't have to worry about twinning it with a random person if you're wearing a sleek 70's hostess dress, that's for sure. They'll be even more one on one communication--it will be a total personal shopping experience with all things vintage.  We'll still have "The Lorene" surprise box but they'll be some changes made to pricing and types/number of items included in it.

As we gear up to liquidate the majority of inventory that doesn't fit with our new brand we'll be running various sales and contests, so be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST if you aren't already.

In the meantime, here are some photos of a few of our favorite boxes (or styled outfits from the boxes) from the past few weeks!

* Jacket: Express * Shoes: Modcloth * Clutch: Michael Kors * Necklace: Redbird (available) * Dress: Redbird *
Putting together vintage mixed with modern outfits is one of the things I love doing best.  I've never been good at pulling off an entirely vintage look.

A dress for every occasion.

The top, clutch and scarf in this outfit has since sold but the ADORABLE high waisted red shorts and bangle set are still available!

All items from Redbird Vintage Box.

The top in this outfit is one of my favorite items received from Golden Tote.  I wear it with SO MANY things.  If you don't currently own a button up demin shirt, I highly recommend purchasing one. The pink lace dress and necklace are available from Redbird Vintage.

* Top: Golden Tote * Pink Lace Dress: Redbird Vintage Box * Necklace: Redbird Vintage Box *

The navy striped dress was once almost a maxi and the entire bottom was completely torn up. With some alterations, nips and tucks the dress became one of my favorites--an adorably nautical mini!  The dress has been sent out to a new owner but the brooch and necklace are still available via Redbird Vintage Box.

* Dress: Redbird Vintage Box * Cardigan: Express * Shoes: ModCloth * Clutch: DSW * Jewelry: Redbird Vintage Box *

I love a good A-line skirt--who doesn't?  This light minty green one was no exception.  It has since left the shop but we have a few more in various colors just waiting for their forever home.  The clutch is by Daisy Faye Designs, you can find her on Etsy and her stuff is ADORABLE!

* Top: Express * Necklace: Chloe & Isabel * Skirt: Redbird Vintage Box * Clutch: Daisy Faye Designs *

I'll leave you with a picture of a few dresses that are currently up for alterations.  These will be put into our shop next month after they've been tweaked/fixed and we've moved out some of the older stock. All are amazing evening/cocktail/special event type dresses that will soon become even more one of a kind after some restyling.  Stay tuned for the finished project :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

August Loves & Must Haves

You know I'm a fan of subscription boxes. I've found amazing products that I otherwise would have never known about. I've also joined Influenster, which is a website/company that partners with TONS of different brands and send out products for their members to try and review.  It's super easy  (and free, obviously) to join.  I joined a few months ago and have already been sent a bunch of stuff, some of which will make it in my top monthly items.  If you love trying new products and you aren't already a member, I highly recommend joining.

Just an FYI, referral links will run rampant throughout this blog post and although I didn't get paid monetarily, I did get a lot of the products I'm talking about for free.  All opinions are my own, though, and I'm super picky me.  There was a lot I tried this month that was total garbage, but I don't like talking about that stuff.  Not as much fun.  Or as pretty to photograph.

I'm going to start with a photo of my morning routine must haves...

Influenster sent me a bunch of products to try this month. Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner really stood out. It's fantastic.  I have the most combination-y skin you can imagine, and it just evens everything out.  Highly recommended, and the price point is perfect--you can pick up a huge bottle for less than $6 @ Wal-Mart.  Other products I currently can't live without are the Rollar Lash Mascara (first mascara I've tried that doesn't clump up or make my sensitive eyes water) & Gimmie Brow highlighter (fills in all those patchy spots from over plucking), both from Benefit Cosmetics.  Also Farmacy Sleep Tight (I use this in the morning and in the evening, this product is AMAZING.  I'm planning on checking out all the Farmacy products in the future.) and the Cargo magnetic compact I got in a special edition Birchbox a month or so ago.  All those items can be purchased via Birchbox or your local Sephora/Ulta.

I'm a fan of nail polish, even more so now that my daughter is loving to have her nails all done in crazy colors.  When Influenster sent me Cutex nail polish remover wipes I thought it was super boring because...I mean, it's nail polish remover wipes.  Oh my gosh, these things are fantastic.  One pad gets off all the polish and I didn't have to worry about my daughter knocking over the bottle of remover which, believe me, is not an unfounded concern seeing as how that has happened 3 times so far.

It isn't just about me (or makeup).  When it comes to subscription boxes I don't discriminate.  After rifling through the various men's sub boxes I settled on Sprezza Box for my husband's birthday.  This is actually our second box and he LOVES it.  He's even pickier than me so his approval should be valued.  The best thing about this box is that it is only $25 a month and the tie alone more than makes up for the money spent.  What guy who has to wear a tie every day wouldn't want an awesome new tie once a month?!?  After getting the two boxes I asked my husband if he wanted to continue with Sprezza or go a different route (and named off 2 or 3 other boxes I had been eyeing) and he adamantly said he wanted to stick with what he had.  So we'll be a Sprezza Box family for the foreseeable future.

The last new box I tried this month worth mentioning was Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription service.  I'm already in love.  You pay $19 a month and they send you all different types of jewelry throughout the month for you to try on, wear, return or buy. So convenient and I love trying out new jewelry!  So far this month I've gotten 2 boxes and another is on the way.  In my last box (which is pictured below) I purchased the Kendra Scott Rose Gold Drusy Necklace for $30 less than retail with my shine credit (you get an automatic $10 a month to apply toward the purchase of anything, and this is called "Shine Credit").  It was a win for sure.  If you haven't tried it and want a free month you can use the code SARAHFBFF27 . You'll get an entire month for free and I'll get credit for you signing up which is great for both of us.  You can wear/return the jewelry as often as you like.  By the end of this month I'll have gotten 4 boxes, they ship SO FAST once you put your other box in the prepaid return envelope.

...and that's it for the shopping this month.  At least for me.  Starting to pick the new ones to try next month, let me know if you have any recommendations! :)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Stitch Fix #10 : Fashion Risks Reap Rewards

We recently moved from Texas to Florida. Before leaving I cleaned out my closet with the idea that I was going to be a capsule wardrobe girl. I would have a uniform and wear it every day and save myself hours of fretting and agony because I would no longer have to worry about what I was going to wear.

I must have sold/donated 100 articles of clothing.  I was feeling great, productive and ready to take on the world.

Only I had nothing cool to wear.  And my closet was empty and sad looking.

So I scheduled another Stitch Fix and basically just said to surprise me, that I wanted interesting statement pieces.

So much for the capsule wardrobe idea.  I'll figure out another way to save time and be productive.

Fix #10, Hayley was once again my stylist. She's a total keeper.

Presenting item #1, Folks...

I've never been a fan of the cold shoulder top.  No particular reason, I just never thought of them as my style.  I guess they seemed young.  Maybe our babysitter wore one once and that's where I got the young impression.  I don't know.  Anyway...

I love it.  It's so comfortable, delicate and feminine. Completely something I would never have chosen for myself, way outside my comfort zone, but I'm so glad that Hayley had the vision to see me wearing this.  I don't own anything like it so it'll be a fantastic addition to my suddenly empty closet. I first had it paired with wide leg jeans, gold flats and a cross body bag but I wanted to try to punch it up just a bit for photos so I threw on some skinny jeans, chunky heeled booties from ModCloth and accessories from Redbird Vintage Box.

On to item #2...

and item #3...

When I peeked at my Fix (What? Everyone does it. I hate surprises.) I was nervous about the midi skirt being tighter than anything I owned and the shoes were a bit of a sticker shock ($170).  I kept my mind open, though.  

It wasn't bad.  The skirt is actually really comfortable but not very forgiving.  Spanx were incredibly helpful while creating this look.  If I was still working in recruiting this outfit would be perfect, but I know that for my current day to day life I wouldn't reach for this skirt.  Maybe once I tone up a bit I'll request it :) I added on a gaudy rhinestone necklace from Redbird Vintage because I like to glam things up a bit.

The shoes were really fun and easy to walk in but I'm just not in the market to spend $170 on booties.  I may have gone a little insane on the boot trend back in December and bought 6 pairs ranging in normal brown/black all the way to maroon fringe.  These shoes are obviously high quality (I've seen others raving about the Dolce Vita name) and are trendy without being over the top, which I love.  If I hadn't already filled up my bootie quota I would definitely be tempted.

Lovely item #4...

I had fallen in love with this dress a few months back and Haley was kind enough to get it for me. I wasn't disappointed.

The color is undeniably gorgeous. Superb detail. It has an elegant, vintage vibe that I'm all over.  The mesh top and exposed zipper give it a modern twist. The length is perfect--sexy without being too showy.  But...

I'm on the fence about keeping this dress for 2 reasons. First, the material is different than I had originally thought.  The dress LOOKS kind of body con but the material is more of a soft cotton with a lot of stretch.  Spanx were again a dear friend with this outfit. Second, I have a dress just like this in black that I recently got.  Do I need 2 form fitting lace dresses in a world where I rarely have a need to wear lace dresses?

I think I might. I obviously have a problem. It's so pretty!

I paired the dress with my favorite cheetah print heels and accessories from Redbird Vintage Box.

...last item #5

I sent a friend photos of what was coming in my Fix and the first thing she said was, "Jumpsuit?  Would you ever wear a jumpsuit?" I was all, "I don't know, I think so, maybe, I did years ago before kids..."

I actually think Hayley and I may be psychically connected because I recently bought a vintage jumpsuit JUST LIKE THIS ONE (only it has sleeves and I'm altering it to be capri style).  I'm a fan of this, it is really fun, love the the neckline and the color is my favorite.  If you're nervous about the jumpsuit trend, I don't blame you. BUT they really are some of the easiest things to wear ever. Paired with heels, a black bow belt (White House Black Market) and a mountain of bangles from Redbird Vintage Box.

4 items in this Fix I wouldn't have ever picked out for myself, but I ended up loving (although not keeping) everything. Stitch Fix likes you to take risks and, really, isn't that what fashion is all about? They understand that what you like for yourself may not always be the best (or most fun) way to go. I love having Hayley pick out pieces that she can envision me wearing, because sometimes I just really need that extra help and motivation to get me out of sweats and my husband's Star Wars t-shirt.

Get your own Fix!

*Just an FYI, this blog uses affiliate links so I don't go completely broke from all the shopping.  Thanks for the support :)